Since childhood, we have been taught that sharing is caring and from that time we follow this ideology. Yes, it is good that you follow these kinds of ideologies, but it should be used in the correct places. Because sharing everything might lead to serious health issues. So, in this article, we have shared a list of things that you should avoid sharing and suggest to keep it to yourself.

1. Lipstick

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Women usually share their stuff with each other especially when they are out. And when it comes to lipstick it is the most common one. But it is very important for you to know that sharing lipstick can be dangerous for your health as there are chances that your friend might be carrying herpes which you can get through the lipstick.

2. Hair accessories

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You should never use someone’s hair accessories as there are chances that you might get dandruff and lice. Even if you use someone’s hair bands or clips you can get hair issues.

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3. Roll-ons and deodorants

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Whenever you share this kind of stuff with someone there are chances that their surface might get affected with bacteria which can later get transmitted to your skin. So, avoid sharing these things.

4. Towels

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Most of the common skin infections are spread through using someone else’s towels. So, if you visit sports and swimming club frequently then avoid using towels of other people as there are chances that you might get other people’s fungus and bacteria on your skin.

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5. Slippers

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Slippers are the most basic thing that one shares with someone especially the guests. But you will be shocked to know that it is the breeding ground for fungus. So, it is always better to provide your gifts with a new pair of slippers that you don’t use.

6. Headphones

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When we are in office we often share our headphones with our colleague’s. But this is not good as there are different kind of bacteria breeding on earwax. And using someone else’s headphones can increase the chances of ear infection.

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7. Skincare accessories

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Never ever share your skin accessories with someone as there are chances that you might get infections and bacteria from the other person’s skin.

8. Cosmetics

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You should also avoid sharing other cosmetics with someone as it can transmit bacteria to your skin which is not good.


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