We are women, and we want lustrously long lashes. Anyhow. Who doesn’t love those dreamily blinking eyes which look too good to be true? So, false eyelashes have always come to our rescue and so have the mascara. But having your own natural long and thick eyelashes is something else. Have you tried all the means to grow your eyelashes and have given up on each of them? Read on to give your last try.

Castor oil has been famous since years to promote eyelash growth but recently, it has been replaced by something else. Must you have heard about Argan Oil? Yes, it helps your eyelashes to grow!
Growing eyelashes through argan oil is true because this one oil has many advantages. This is the reason why this oil is fondly named as Liquid Gold.

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How does Argan Oil help to make your eyelashes grow?

Let’s throw some light on this miracle oil and its benefits for eyelashes growth.

Argan oil is isolated from the Argan nut which is a native of Morocco. Recently, this oil is being cherished for its innumerous beauty benefits. It has a lot to offer to your skin, hair, nails and what not, your eyelashes as well!

It is one of the few oils which is packed with antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamin E and other goodness. It is more potent than any other oil in the market. So if you think Almond Oil is your Holy Grail then make this oil the Mother of All!

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In this article, we will tell you about the ways in which Argan oil can help you grow eyelashes.

For those who have scanty eyelashes, this oil is the answer to all of your prayers. This oil helps to condition your eyelashes and help them grow in a healthy manner.

Argan oil is a powerful moisturizer which keeps the eyelashes hydrated for a long time. All the essential nutrients which your eyelashes require growing is present in this magical potion. You can use it daily on your eyelashes to get thick and long lashes in a month!

How to Put Argan Oil on Your Eyelashes
You can apply this oil using your fingers. But if you find it difficult, you can use Q-tips as well. You can pour the oil in an old but thoroughly cleansed mascara bottle and apply the oil using the mascara wand itself. Coat your lashes with a coat of oil and leave it overnight. But don’t put too much oil on your eyelashes as it can enter your eyes and irritate them.

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How Long Does It Take For The Eyelashes To Grow Using Argan Oil?
This is a good question for those who are trying this trick for the first time. You shouldn’t expect your eyelashes to grow thick and long in a night. This is not humanly possible! This trick requires time, patience and consistency.

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Most of the people who have used this trick consistently have seen the visible results in just 3-4 weeks. It also depends on the quality of your oil and the growth of your eyelashes. Some eyelashes have the tendency to grow faster than the other.

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