Diwali the festival of lights is soon going to approach and we are very sure that you guys have started all the preparations for the festival. And this festival is the best time to have a get together with the old friends and close people. For this day people specially decorate their houses with different quirky and beautiful stuff. But what you can different this year in your decorations so that your house looks amazing? Well, for this we have shared some decorations tips for Diwali that you can use to make your house look more beautiful.

1. Aromatic candles

Aromatic-candlesImage Source: huffpost

Aromatic candles are easily available at gift shops and once you light it, the room will be filled with a nice fragrance. On this auspicious day, many people perform Lakshmi puja and these scented candles provide a pure atmosphere at home.

2. Rangolis

RangolisImage Source: wikimedia

When we talk about Diwali decorations how can we forget the rangolis? There are a variety of rangoli designs available which are decorated with flowers, colors, and diyas. So, this year pick the best design and make it on the entrance of your house to welcome guests.

3. Potpourri

PotpourriImage Source: livinghours

You can also place potpourri in and around your house to spread the sweet fragrance in your house. It is also available in the market and you can also look out for a recipe of potpourri on the internet.

4. Homemade candles

Homemade-candlesImage Source: typepad

Everyone wish to decorate their home during this festival with candles but instead of buying it from it market you can make it home.

5. Glass lanterns

Glass-lanternsImage Source: noths-static

Lanterns are the most beautiful decorative item. You can even make it at home by coloring the glass bottles and then fixing the LED lights and candles in it.

6. Diwali Toran

Diwali-ToranImage Source: indiawithlove

You can also decorate your house entrance and puja room with different and beautiful torans to give a vibrant look to your home.

7. Floating candles

Floating-candlesImage Source: cloudfront

If you have big table in the center of your house then this decorative tip is best for you. Take a bowl and spread petals of roses and other flowers on it and then put the floating candles to the bowl. Trust us it will look amazing.


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