With the Diwali arriving soon you can expect a lot of excitement everywhere. But one more thing that you can expect in abundance is hiked up pollution rate. Though the festival brings a lot of happiness and joy to our lives it also brings along a lot of allergies and health ailments with it. If you are someone who is very sensitive towards pollution or just want to keep yourself and your family protected from the pollution, then follow the below-mentioned tips.

1. Keep the windows closed- Anyways our environment is really very polluted and there is no shortage of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the air. To worsen the condition, the level of these harmful gasses shoots up to the sky. People with respiratory conditions often face severe issues regarding the same. Thus, it is always better to keep the window of your house as well as the car closed. Your lungs were designed to cleanse a much cleaner version of the air as compared to the present one that we are breathing.

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2. Get an air purifier- Keeping an air purifier in your house can be a great way to get cleaner and particle free air in your house. You can get this purifier on most of the online stores. Though these might be a little pricey but consider it as an investment for maintaining your health.

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3. Let the fresh air in- Yes I know in the first point I mentioned to keep the windows closed and now I am telling you to open them and let the fresh air in. I am asking you to do this because despite everything else you still need some fresh air in your house. The air is much cleaner during the early hours of the day and thus you can open the windows at that time. This way fresh air will circulate in the house.

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4. Clean the house- Thanks to all the firecrackers and other things that are burned down during the festive season that all the debris and ashes from them add to the environment. These particles along with the dust settle down in the house. Thus it is very important to keep your house extra clean during this time if you want to steer clear of any allergies.

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5. Say NO to crackers- Diwali is the festival of lights. But one thing that I don’t understand is that what is the significance of burning firecrackers on this day. All these firecrackers do is increase the pollution both air and noise. Try to stay away from the crackers and smoke especially if you are more sensitive towards allergies, eye irritations, etc. as these can worsen the situation even more.

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6. Use a mask- If you are really worried about your health and want to go all out with guarding your life then you can get an N95 mask for yourself. These masks are specially designed to guard you against any infections or infectious particles in the air these are often worn to guard oneself against N1H1 virus.

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