Lose weight, but how? Read on and find out yourself…

Weight loss is a major concern among people nowadays as all want to look slimmer and fitter. But you can also lose weight by a proper sitting and diet arrangement. According to a study by Food Quality & Preference, people who eat their food in loud music or watching TV are less likely to taste the food. So, if you want to lose weight, switch your routine and enjoy your food to get the sense of fullness and satisfied that won’t let you feel hungry.

1. Never eat on your desk

Never eat on your deskImage Source: canadianbusiness

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, people who eat their food in front of the computer are the most distracted one. And after a while, they can’t even recall what they ate which later leads them to overeat. So, the best option is to go in the pantry and enjoy your food with your friends.

2. Eat first, shop later

Eat first, shop laterImage Source: shutterstock

It is advised that if you are out for shopping then don’t forget to munch some good food or you will hop on to the unhealthy food available in the market which is not good for your health.

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3. Prepare a list of items that you need

Prepare a list of items that you needImage Source: wp

Pre- plan everything. Pen down all the necessary items that you need to buy. This will help in avoiding the purchase of unnecessary things that tempt you and will also help in sticking to your budget.

4. Research the menu

Research the menuImage Source: diginsights

Never intake anything at the cost of temptation as it will only harm your health. Try to analyse and research the menu before eating anything to avoid weight gain.

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5. Imagine about tempting meal

Imagine about tempting mealImage Source: pinimg

Researchers of Carnegie Mellon University states that if you imagine the food that you are craving for avoids the binge to eat it. If you repeatedly imagine the food then there is a less chance that you will eat the same food that you craved for.

6. Eat your favourite food

Eat your favourite foodImage Source: co

Sometimes it’s ok to indulge your favourite food. It is not a strict rule that you should always consume healthy food. Treat yourself sometimes and have the food that you crave for the most. As to remain fit people try to starve themselves which later leads to a loss of nutrients which is not good.

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