There are many women who have sensitive skin and eyes. And for this reason, they need to extra cautious while applying makeup as their eyes and skin are more prone to infections. There are many women who complain that they have limited options in makeup because of their sensitivity. But, now you don’t need to worry ladies as you can still look beautiful using makeup. All you need is to follow some simple tips. So, here are some makeup tips for sensitive skin and eye.

1. Always use a clean brush

 Always use a clean brushImage Source: cloudfront

It is essential to use a clean brush for the sensitive eyes. Try to clean your brush regularly because the dust accumulates it which can cause eye infections too. So, make sure you clean your brush once in while by washing it with shampoo and then dry it with a clean towel.

2. Invest in good makeup products

Invest in good makeup productsImage Source: hindustantimes

Try to opt for the brands that don’t use fragrances in their products as there are chances that it might irritate your eyes. Well, you can find a number of products which are specially devised for sensitive eyes and skin still, be careful while buying the product.

3. Keep your hands clean

Keep your hands cleanImage Source: drweil

It is suggested that you should always keep your hands clean before applying eye makeup. As sensitive eyes are more prone to infections, and clean hands help in preventing the transfer of irritants to your eyes. Besides this, you should also avoid rubbing your eyes while removing and applying makeup.

4. Replace your makeup products regularly

Replace your makeup products regularlyImage Source: theasianparent

Women who have sensitive skin and eyes should be extra careful while using makeup. If you have makeup products at home and you have not used them for a long time then, it is suggested that you should discard them as there are chances that they might be affected by the bacteria which can affect your eye and skin.

5. Don’t line your inner eye

Dont line your inner eyeImage Source: cloudfront

There are many women who use white kohl pencil to outline their inner eye as it helps your eyes look bigger. But, if you have sensitive eyes then, it is suggested that you should avoid it. Instead, outline your outer lash line with a pencil.

6. Use eye drops

Use eye dropsImage Source: cdnds

Always use eye drops 30 minutes prior to applying makeup because if you don’t then, there are chances that your eyes may become more sensitive while applying makeup.

7. Use creamy shadows

Use creamy shadowsImage Source: imgur

It was found that powder shadows are not good for sensitive eyes as they can irritate your eyes. And for this reason, it is suggested that people with sensitive eyes should opt for creamy shadows as they don’t flake. Besides this, try to avoid the shimmery and glittery eyeshadows as they can also irritate your eyes.

8. Always remove makeup before going to bed

Always remove makeup before going to bedImage Source: blogspot

There are times when you feel tired and sleep without removing the makeup. But, it is suggested that you should always remove makeup especially if you have sensitive eyes. This simple tip will help in protecting your eyes from infections.

9. Primer and foundation

Primer and foundationImage Source: lionesse

The main aim of applying foundation and primer is to get a smooth base for makeup. Besides this, it also acts as a shield for your sensitive eyes when applied to the skin around eyes. You can also find foundations and primers that are specially made for the eye area. So, make sure you choose your makeup products wisely.

10. Avoid using mascara with fibers

Avoid using mascara with fibersImage Source: beautyjunkees

There are chances that mascara with fibers will fall into your eyes which can irritate them later on. Instead, try to opt for a mascara which is free from fibers which will add volume to your eyelashes and will also prevent irritation in your eyes.

So, these were the few makeup tips for sensitive skin and eyes.

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