Christmas is just a few days away and we all are filled with joy and happiness to celebrate this beautiful festival. And this festive season to spend some quality time with your family. So, how about watching the classic Christmas movies? Well, there are a lot of movies made on Christmas to celebrate its spirit. You will get a wide variety of options from black and white to animated there is something for everyone. Here is the list of Christmas movies to watch this festive season.

1. Miracle on 34th Street

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This movie is another version of 1947s Miracle on 34th Street. This movie also has the same central theme where a little girl and a lawyer prove that man claiming to be Santa Claus is real.

2. Home Alone

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This is the most popular movie among kids, especially during Christmas. In this movie, it is shown how a kid saves his house from burglars when he was accidentally left by his family at home during the vacation.

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3. Jingle All The Way

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Another movie that you can watch this Christmas with your family. In this movie, a father promises his son to get an action figure toy as a Christmas present. But all the stores run out of it, and the father needs to travel all over the town and compete with everyone to get one.

4. The Muppet Christmas Carol

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This movie is about an old miser who didn’t believe in the spirit of the Christmas season. Later, he was visited by the ghosts who reveal about his future. This classic movie can be a great fun for kids to watch this Christmas.

5. Elf

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The modern classic is one of the best movies to watch during this festive season. No one can get enough of this funnyman when he finds out the truth about himself.

6. The Polar Express

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This animated flick can bring joy and smile to your face by making you believe in the spirit of Christmas. The story revolves around the child who takes on an extraordinary journey to the North Pole where he experiences things that made him believe in Christmas.

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7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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This is a really sweet film that one can watch during this festive season. In this movie, there is a Grinch who just hates the people of Whoville and Christmas. But later he is confronted by a little girl, Cindy who makes him believe in Christmas and its spirit.

So, these were the few Christmas movies to watch this festive season to enjoy its spirit with your family and loved ones.

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