So, a long festive season is ahead of you and you still haven’t planned where you’re going this season? We have a suggestion for you! Why don’t you plan a short vacation to a place famous for its Dussehra festival?

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It’s the festival in which the good marks its victory over the evil. You must not miss the grand carnival of Dussehra being an India. The festival is marked by burning the effigy of Demon King of Lanka, Ravana. Here we’ve made your task easier. We have compiled some of the places in India which are famously known for its Dussehra festivities.

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1. Kolkata
You shouldn’t miss the grandeur of Durga Puja in Kolkata. You will be awestruck how the city mystically transforms into a canvas during this festive month. The beautiful noise will make you forget your deadlines at the job, pending bills and all the other tensions of life. And if you’re a foodie, then this place is a heaven come true. You can hop from one pandal to another to treat your taste buds with mouth-watering cuisines.

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2. Mysore: Dasara
This is the state festival of Karnataka. The splendour of the festival can be estimated by this. This tradition dates to 400 years ago. The Mysore royals arrange the festivity for the people and lead this 10-day carnival. The Mysore Palace is transformed into a divine abode with lightings and decoration. The palace serves as a backdrop to the programmes arranged there. The elephant procession starts from the palace and ends at the Dasara ground. You can experience the royalty closely with the procession lead by dolled up elephants.

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3. Kullu: Dussehra
This festivity is also organized by the royalty. The devotees of Kullu carry the statues of gods and goddesses on their heads in a procession. Their procession ends in a ground where they offer their prayers to Lord Raghunath. This festivity continues for seven days through. The procession is concluded at the River Beas where the woods are burnt. This symbolises the burning down of Lanka. You can shop for the authentic handicrafts from the local market and get the gist of real Kullu.

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4. Gujarat: Navratri
Chain Chabeelo Gujrati are way ahead in celebrating the festivals than ours. You can’t miss the Navratri celebrations in Gujarat if you seek for a real grand festival. You can dance your heart out whole night till your toes bleed. The traditional Garba dance will spike an adrenaline rush in your body. You can find a prospective match at the eve as well!

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5. Delhi
The national capital of country attracts a flock of tourist at this time of the year. Dussehra is the most dramatic and amusing festival that is celebrated in Delhi. You can experience the monstrous and jaw-dropping fireworks on the night of Vijaya Dashmi. The effigies of Ravana and his evil brothers, Meghnatha and Kumbhkarana are set on fire to celebrate the victory of good over evil. You can watch the popular Ramlila shows at the Ramlila Maidan, Red Fort ground and many others as well.

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6. Varanasi
Varanasi has its own air of uniqueness when divinity is talked about. You can get the well-balanced of Kolkata style Durga Puja and Delhi style Dussehra here at Varanasi. You can watch the most famous Ramlila show in the traditional town of Ramnagar, 15 kilometres from Varanasi.

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7. Barara
If you want to see the tallest Ravana effigy in the world, then Barara should be there on your list. This little town is known for its splendour of Dussehra. It is situated 80 kilometres away from Chandigarh. The height of the Ravana effigy is 200 feet! Mind-boggling!

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