Makeup is that one simple thing that can transform a girl next door to a diva. But there few ladies who wear glasses and consider it as a synonymous with being a nerd. Still, you can look beautiful and sexy by following some simple makeup hacks. Here is the list of makeup hacks for girls who wear glasses to make them look glamorous.

1. Eyebrow game

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Your eyebrows play a very important role in the makeup look. So, always make sure that your eyebrows are well groomed and use a brown pencil to add definition and fuller and thicker look to your brows.

2. Use mascara in the right way

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Well, it is hard to notice long lashes behind the glasses. So, it is suggested that you should opt for the volume enhancing mascara  to make your lashes appear thicker and luscious.

3. Paint your backlashes

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This simple and unknown makeup tip can make your eyes look bigger. Apply a double coat of mascara on both back and front side of your lashes. And Don’t forget about your lower lashes.

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4. Opt for bold lip shades

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It is always advised to pick a bold lip shade that compliments well with your glassesYour lip color plays a very important role in the entire makeup look  as it enhances your facial features and complexion. Hots pinks, reds, scarlets, berries are the trending lip shades that you can opt according to your complexion.

5. Use matte powder foundation

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Using powder foundation is the best hack to prevent shadows under eyes. And it also helps your makeup to stay for a longer period and gives your skin a glowing finish.

6. Choose a bigger frame for your glasses

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Bigger frames provide a larger canvas to flaunt your beautiful eyes.

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7. Use highlighter on the end of cheekbones

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Another simple hack that will make you look stunning is by highlighting your cheekbones.  Create a defined look by highlighting the highest part of your cheekbones.

8. Pick eyeshadows in shades of brown

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Brown eyeshadow works best all you need is to wipe your eyes with a shade of coffee, expresso or bronze with blue or brown liner for a cute geeky look.

So, these were the few makeup hacks for girls who wear glasses.


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