There comes a time when every person feels to shift towards a healthy lifestyle. There could be any reason behind this lifestyle change decision. Whatever the reason be, if a person wants to get healthier, it is the best thing that one can do to improve his quality of life. There are a number of natural things in the kitchen that you can use to maintain your health. And today, in this article, we are going to share a combination of two natural ingredients that will improve your health effectively.

Before we start with the health benefits of consuming bottle gourd juice, here is the method to prepare this healthy juice.


First, grind 1 cup of chopped bottle gourd with some water.
Now, transfer this juice in a glass.
Then, add 1 teaspoon of ginger paste to the juice.
Mix well and consume this blend every morning with an empty stomach.

And here are the benefits of this healthy blend:

1. Regulates blood pressure

Regulates blood pressureImage Source: s-nbcnews

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very common health condition. It occurs when the pressure of the blood flow across the walls of arteries is high, and it further leads to hypertension. It is said that the potassium content present in the bottle gourd and ginger juice can help in reducing the blood pressure levels.

2. Boosts heart health

 Boosts heart healthImage Source: tealovers

If you look at the facts, then you will find that in India over 60% of the population is affected by the heart diseases. And consuming the blend of ginger and gourd juice can help to keep your heart healthy as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin K that helps in promoting proper flow of blood to the heart.

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3. Aids in weight loss

 Aids in weight lossImage Source: stylecraze

Consuming this blend every day in the morning can help you get slimmer fast because the vitamin K and antioxidants present in the mixture can help in boosting the metabolism.Thus, resulting in weight loss.

4. Reduces body heat

Reduces body heatImage Source: ndtvimg

The most common reasons behind body heat are hormonal changes, abnormal metabolic activities and hot weather which make the body heat up internally and cause discomfort. This further can cause headaches, indigestion, and nosebleeds. Still, you can avoid this health condition by consuming bottle gourd and ginger mixture to cool down your body and reduce the effect of the various symptoms.

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5. Treats liver inflammation

 Treats liver inflammationImage Source: diseasespictures

The liver is known as the important part of the human body and when it is affected by the disorders because of unhealthy eating habits, side effects of medication etc., it leads to inflammation. So, in order to reduce the liver inflammation and to keep your liver healthy, try to consume this mixture.

6. Reduces morning sickness

Reduces morning sicknessImage Source: babycenter

This mixture can prove to be very beneficial for the pregnant ladies who are suffering morning sickness as this blend neutralizes the acids present in the stomach, and also reduces the hormonal imbalance. Still, it is suggested that you should consult your doctor before consuming this mixture.

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7. Treat UTI (Urinary tract infections)

Treat UTI (Urinary tract infections)Image Source: charak

UTI is a health condition in which your urinary tract is infected by a bacteria which enters the regions after an intercourse. As bottle gourd is considered as a natural diuretic, it can help to flush out all the bacteria from the tract and effectively treats UTI.

8. Enables muscle recovery

 Enables muscle recoveryImage Source: william-reed

People who work out regularly know how sore their muscles feel after the workout. This happens because our muscles need rest and nourishment after working out. And consuming the combination of ginger and bottle gourd can help in quick recovery as it contains a high amount of vitamin K and potassium that can relax and nourish the muscles.

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9. Treats indigestion

Treats indigestionImage Source: tenmuchasaludblog

Indigestion has become a very common health issue because of the monotonous lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. This further leads to heartburn and gastritis which can even result in colon cancer. And it is said that consuming this blend can effectively neutralize the acids present in the stomach and treat indigestion.

So, these were the few health benefits of consuming bottle gourd juice.

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