Now that the summer has almost passed and Monsoon is here, you must update your makeup tips and tricks. While you are all set to welcome the Monsoon with the trendiest outfits and statement pieces to flaunt, it is equally essential that you give proper attention to your skincare as well.

Waterproof makeup should be the first thought that strikes to your mind, while we are talking about Monsoon and makeup hacks. Since the weather is going to turn humid and sticky, you need to give your skin some space to breathe. And the best way to do that is to go for minimal makeup and avoiding layers to look your best.

If you still think that applying makeup is that much important to you, then we suggest you go for good brand’s waterproof makeup range.

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Here is the correct follow-up of applying makeup in the right order, to avoid messing your beautiful look with all that dripping water and humid weather.

1. Primer always wins the race for first

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Clear or patchy skin, everything will become smooth and even once you begin with applying face primer for a smooth skin surface. This will help flatten the surface to help you apply makeup smoothly.

2. Feather-like BB cream comes to the rescue

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Use a single coat of an Oil-free, feathery-light BB cream, instead of applying any foundation. Apply a finishing powder for a refined look and even skin tone.

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3. Oil-Free Concealer for dark circles and blemishes

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Nothing covers blemishes and dark circles better than a good oil-free concealer. Apply concealer as shown in the picture above, this will not highlight the applied area, preventing it from looking odd.

4. Dust up with the loose powder

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Use a loose or pressed face powder to dust your face with. This will soak the excess oil and moisture from your skin, giving you a fine matte-like look.

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5. Rosy cheeks, dimple chin

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Apply a light shade powdered blush to make your cheeks rosy and cutesy.

6. Eyelid primer to save the day

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If you think your entire look is dull and pale without the eye makeup, then first secure your eyelids with an eye primer first. Then apply pressed or powder-based eyeshadow to avoid smudging and melting it up in the humid season.

7. Simple liquid liner for the bold look

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Use a simple liquid liner to make your look bold and stunning. Avoid using wax-based pencil liners, you don’t want a smeared look when the rain falls.

8. Lift those lashes with waterproof mascara

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Waterproof mascara should be your only option to pump up those eyelashes.

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9. Get those pouty lips some moisture and color

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Last but not the least, apply a good moisturizer on your lips and then follow with applying your favorite lipstick.
Beauty Tip

Make sure whatever product you are using, it should contain NO oil at all. Otherwise, the oily base will melt your makeup, rain or no rain, in this humid weather.

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