Aloe vera is mostly used in beauty products and for good reasons. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties has the ability to treat everything from constipation to diabetes. This cactus looking plant is the crux of a million dollar industry which continues from beauty creams to health juices and supplements. With the passing time, aloe vera is seamlessly combined with everything we use.

But what makes this plant so special? The sticky translucent gel obtained from the leaves is known all over the world for it’s unbelievable healing properties. The gel has the moisturising quality which moisturises the skin and maintains the pH level of skin and scalp. Read further to know the various benefits of aloe vera.

Check out the various benefits of using aloe vera for your skin and hair:

1. Keeps the skin hydrated

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It provides the necessary hydration and nourishment to the skin.It has the rich content of Vitamin C and E which enriches your skin and boosts antioxidants to prevent cell damage.

2. Prevents Dandruff

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It has antifungal properties which kill the dandruff causing fungi.It also maintains the pH level and helps to heal broken scalp.

3. Cures Acne

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Aloe vera is very useful in treating acne and acne scars.Its antiseptic properties prevents scars and reduces the occurance of acne.It also controls the secreation of sebum and maintains the pH level.

4. Protects hair

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It acts as a heat protectant for your hair and forms a barrier to preserve your hair from excessive heat.

5. Reduces Pores

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It has an astringent property that tightens the pores and minimizes its visibility.You can also use it as toner before applying makeup as it provides the base for smooth finish.

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6. Anti-Frizz hair

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Its hydrating function gives a smooth and glossy finish to the hair.Apply the gel on the damp hair to detangle it and frizz free for a longer duration.

7. Relieves tired eyes

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The cooling and moisturizing property of the gel soothes your eyes and reduces dark circles and puffiness. It also conditions eyelashes.

8. Helps in regeneration

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Aloe vera helps in producing new skin cells which make skin younger and youthful. It reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

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