Leaving early in the morning and coming late at night is your daily routine. Your wife is angry with you because you are not able to give her time. You have no idea are your kids doing well at school or not because you can’t find time for the same. The stress in your life is taking a toll on your health and you are continually striving to find some way out of it.

Here is a good news for you. We have found some tremendously useful no equipment workout methods for you that will not only keep your health under check but will also maintain your figure by reducing your weight and strengthening your muscles.

Person of any age group can perform it at ease

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The methods we are going to discuss here have a proper chronology and you will need to consult a fitness expert before going for these methods.

Omar Nazir is a Delhi-based fitness trainer who believes that people who are learning exercises by watching YouTube videos, perform them wrong and hence it often proves dangerous for them.
“The people you watch performing different exercises in internet videos are perfectly fit people who are at ease to those steps. If you will try the same steps without consulting a trainer you may hurt yourself,” he said.

Nazir suggests housewives, some home based workout methods to improve their health. “I suggest home workouts for women. It is a good alternative when on vacation or during busy schedules. I always insist that they should follow the sequence as instructed,” he said.

No equipment method workout includes…

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Nazir’s no equipment, methods include jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, lunges and plank.
So warm up your body by some slow jogging and marching and start doing these exercises daily in the morning and if possible in the evenings as well.

Proper method of doing these no equipment workouts

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  •  Make your cardio exercise routine
  •  Begin with some cardio workouts to increase your body stamina. Which kind of cardio exercise is most fitting for you, it depends on your age. If you are a younger person that means you can try a tougher version.
  •  Warm up your body with some stretching, marching and jogging exercises
  •  After warming your body, do 20 body weight squats
  •  After squats, go for 10 push-ups
  •  Push-ups should be followed by 20 walking lunges
  •  After walking lunges, 15-second plank
  •  Plank should be followed by 30 Jumping jacks
  •  Follow this routine eight times in the morning
  •  Stretch your body once you are done
  •  As your stamina grows, then you can repeat the cycle more
  •  If you are an aged person and push-ups are not easy for you then you can go with mid push-ups or stand push-ups that is also perfect.

How no equipment workout benefits working people?

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  •  The primary benefit of the no equipment workout is that you do not need a sophisticated equipment worth lakhs. It is totally free.
  •  You will not have to pay fees in the gym, it demands just your focus.
  •  Much of your time is saved and you can use this time in some other beneficial activity like party, vacation and walk etc.

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