Monsoon is the most beautiful season and we all love it. But with its arrival, it also brings some problems with our makeup like patched foundation, smudged lipstick etc. which makes us look like a mess. This season comes with its own set of problems and to overcome these problems we bring you some hacks from the experts for long-lasting makeup.

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Here are some hacks from the experts that will help you get a long-lasting makeup look during monsoon:

1. Keep the base waterproof

Keep the base waterproofImage Source: rd

During monsoon, your skin is more prone to sweat and causes dripping of makeup. So, it is advised by the experts to keep the base waterproof for long-lasting makeup. As an alternative, you can also apply two-way cake by using the sponge or dry hands.

2. Go for subtle blush

Go for subtle blushImage Source: com

For a long-lasting makeup, looks experts suggest using powder based blush to get a natural look on your cheeks. During this climate, you can try shades of pinks and peaches depending on your skin tone. To get a natural look don’t forget to put the blush on.

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3. Hack for perfect eyes

Hack for perfect eyesImage Source: wordpress

For beautiful long-lasting makeup eyes, you need to keep this hack in mind. Always use waterproof based products for your eyes as it will help the makeup to stay on your eyes. And the best thing during monsoons you can add spark to your eyes by using bright shades of pink and blue.

4. Use long lasting cosmetics for makeup

Use long lasting cosmetics for makeupImage Source: wordpress

If you are too lazy to re-do eye makeup then go for long lasting kajal and eyeliners that will stay for 10-15 hours. But still there are chances that will fade with time so try to avoid excess exfoliate on the makeup areas to get a long-lasting makeup look.

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5. Use Neon

Use NeonImage Source: co

Neon lip color is trending one is fashion hub and you can also add this to your makeup look this monsoon. Try to use different shades of pink and orange and rock with the look. And most important thing to keep in mind while applying this neon color, keep your makeup nude and minimal with this shade. Otherwise, it will make your makeup mess.

Now when you know these hacks try them on and rock with an amazing makeup look in this rainy season.

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