Gone are the days when eye wears were considered nerdy and outdated. They are now making a new fashion statement in themselves.

There are many girls who have the prettiest eyes and yet fail to showcase their beauty due to their glasses. But you can look oh-so-beautiful even in your glasses too. All you have to do is opt for these few makeup tricks that will enhance the glory of your glasses and your beauty as well.

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In this article, you will read about 7 amazing makeup tricks that will help you look stunning even when you are wearing your glasses, and discover an entire new side of your beauty.

1. Always maintain your eyebrows to well-groomed
Glasses or no glasses, a girl must have trimmed and well-groomed eyebrows at all times. Thicker brows with an arch looks best with thick and dark frames whereas thinner eyebrows go well with thinner frames. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gap between your eyebrows, with the matching color.

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2. Apply matte finish blush and foundation
This is for those who suffer from oily skin problems. You must probably be used to having your glasses slide down your nose by now, along with a layer of your foundation. The best to avoid this situation is to use water-resistant or matte finished products, like foundation and blush. Avoid using shimmers for everyday look.

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3. Enhance the beauty of your eyes
Frist of all, try subtle and different colors that suits your eyes and your frames as well. then focus on your eye makeup to make a bold statement with your eyes behind those specs. Apply smooth bases for your eye shadows that will make your eyes pop. And don’t forget to dust your eyes with a translucent powder at the last.

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4. Make thinner lines to make your eyes stand out
It is important that you wear your eyeliner smartly. If the frame of your glasses is thick then you can go for thicker eye line, and if your frames are borderless or thin, then apply thinner lines to make your eyes stand out.

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5. Focus more on the upper eyelashes
It is obvious that mascara add volume and makes your eyes look bigger. But you should always avoid using clampy mascara. Also, try to keep the focus on the upper eye lashes, that will make your eyes noticeable and bold behind those glasses.

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6. Subtle lips should be your on-the-go choice
Choose subtle lips colors that go with your skin tone and the color of your frames. Never keep focus on both your lips and your eyes, and if you a glassy girl, then making a bold statement with subtle lips is always a good idea.

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7. Keep the focus either on lips or on eyes while going out for a party
A bold eye makeup, alongside of glossy lips is the ultimate look that suits best for the girls with glasses, for a party. Smokey eye look is an all-time favorite. You can also opt for slight shimmery shades for your eyes.

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Now you can easily look gorgeous and stylish in your glasses without having to compromise on your beauty. Try these tricks and tell us how the experience has been for you in the comment box below.

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