Trends have been seen that more and more women desire for a larger bust. Having smaller bust is not bad either, provided it serves the purpose. But the girls which have smaller bust size are often mimicked and laughed at by their friends. Often such girls suffer from low self-esteem. Some girls even go extreme lengths to get the breast they desire for. But even the science says that these breast enlargement pill and supplements are beneficial not in long term.

What Should You Do Then?

You can seek help from yoga. It has been seen that women who follow Gomukhasana increase their bust size faster than those who don’t. Yoga is an excellent remedy for any kind of ailment. It addresses each and every concern without any side effects. The following yoga will help you grow breast naturally and economically. It has been affirmed that what yoga can do can’t be replaced by any of the surgical procedure.

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There are many other poses to increase your bust size, but the Gomukhasana is considered to be the best. If you don’t know how to carry out this pose, then follow the steps carefully.

How to do Gomukhasana?

Step 1: Sit in a half lotus pose and extend your legs completely.

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Step 2: Begin the pose with your left knee. Bend you knees gently and try to bring your left heel to your right hip.

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Step 3: Similarly, bend your right knee and place your right heel on your left hip. Make sure that your knees are one above the other. You will require a lot of practice to achieve this perfect pose. Don’t push yourself beyond the limits. You’ll be perfect at it with time.
Step 4: Bend your left arm over your shoulder and keep it behind your back.
Step 5: Bend your right arm under your shoulder and move it behind your back.
Step 6: Try to touch the fingers of your both hands or interlock them if possible. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

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Step 7: Change the position, which means switch your arms. Do this pose for 4-5 times daily. You can extend the duration with time.

Apart from breast enlargement, this yoga poses also tones and stretches your core muscles. It stretches your muscles and makes your arm and tummy leaner. It also makes your breast bigger and firmer.

Benefits of this Gomukhasana

  •  It increases the flexibility of your chest.
  •  It works on your hip joints
  •  It relieves tension from the shoulder girdle.
  •  It works out your inner ankle ligaments
  •  It helps cure depression and relieves stress.
  •  It also cures sciatica and backache.

In the case of any injury, consult a doctor before performing this asana.

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