Mother Nature has provided us with an amazing range of natural ingredients that we don’t really need anything else to maintain a healthy looking skin. But in today’s time people emphasize more on using store bought products which are laden with chemicals and do more harm to our skin than benefitting it.

Fairness creams have become such a rage nowadays that everyone has forgotten about the natural ingredients which work just the same way. These not only lighten your skin but also maintain its sanctity.

Below we have mentioned 7 fruits which can help you lighten your skin tone without causing any damage to it.

1. Pomegranate- As we all know very well that pomegranate is loaded with a lot of nutrients and thus helps in keeping the skin healthy and glowing. The fruit is rich in vitamin A and C, iron, and antioxidants which help in nourishing the skin. You can include pomegranate fruit or its juice in your daily diet so as to get all the nutrients absorbed in your body or you can also apply the fruit topically. Squeeze out the juice from the pomegranate and apply it on your face for at least 15 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. Women with sensitive skin can also use this remedy.


2. Lemon- Lemon has vitamin C and citric acid in abundance which helps in exfoliating the skin and making it appear brighter. It also has bleaching properties which help in lightening the skin. It also protects your skin from free radicals. Regular use of lemon juice can effectively lighten your skin tone, fade away the marks and spots and also reduces the early signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. All you need to do is rub a piece of lemon on your face in circular motions. Leave it on for not more than 5 minutes and then wash it off with water. But make sure not to head out in the sun for at least 3 hours post this treatment.


3. Watermelon- Apart from being the perfect summer fruit, watermelon works equally well for lightening dark skin and helps in achieving that flawless look. The fruit is rich in vitamin A, C and B6 and has almost 93% water content which helps in keeping your skin hydrated. Besides this, it also acts as a skin toner and moisturizer which helps in skin whitening. This remedy is also a good one for sensitive skin. Apply the juice of watermelon on your face and leave it on for 10 minutes before washing it off with plain water. It reduces the production of melanin thus making your skin fairer.


4. Oranges- Another citrus fruit which is rich in vitamin A and C. Apart from smelling great it helps to lighten the skin and make you look fairer. All you need to do is extract the pulp from an orange and apply it on your face. Wash off the mask after 15 minutes post application. You can also add honey to this in order to add some moisturizing properties to the mask.


5. Papaya- Ripe or raw papaya can really help in fading away the blemishes and scars and even age spots. This so because of the presence of the enzyme Papain which helps in controlling the excess secretion of oil as well as melanin production. Make a paste of the papaya and apply it in on your face and neck. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with plain water. Use this remedy every day for at least two weeks in order to see results.


6. Indian gooseberry- Indian gooseberry also known as amla in India is one of the best sources of citric acid and vitamin C which also makes it the perfect fruit for skin whitening. It also contains vitamin A and a lot of other antioxidants which helps in improving the skin texture and reversing the melanin production. You can either apply fresh amla or amla juice directly onto your skin in order to lighten it. As it is quite acidic in nature make sure to keep it on your skin for not more than 10 minutes.


7. Apple- Apples are rich in vitamin A, C and B-complex along with several minerals in abundance. Apart from keeping you fit and healthy apples can also help you lighten your skin tone effectively. The apple juice helps in maintaining the pH level of the skin keeping skin related problems at bay. All you got to do is apply apple juice all over your face and neck, leave it on for a couple of minutes and then rinse it off with water.


In order to get results from these remedies, you have to keep patience as natural remedies take much longer to show results when compared to other cosmetic treatments. Also, you have to be consistent with the application of these products if really want them to work.

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