Dancing is the best exercise. Heard it plenty of times? But let me tell you, it is cent percent true. You will be shocked to know that you burn as many calories while dancing as when you’re doing a treadmill. The only difference being that the treadmill is boring and dancing is all fun. Do you want to lose weight in an enjoyable way? Here are some dance forms that are much internationally acclaimed for their weight loss benefits. So get your dancing shoes ready!

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1. Zumba
Zumba instructors claim that you can burn 400-600 calories in just 60 minutes. Now Zumba classes are easily available at most of the fitness centres. This dance style involves the movement of all the parts of your body varying from hip to abs. Your areas like core muscles, legs and glutes are exercises very well with this exercise. You can also use weights to increase the resistant for strength training.

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2. Masala Bhangra
All the Punjabi girls can’t stop their feet when someone utters Bhangra. This is an extremely intense workout and yet fun loaded. You can enjoy the traditional dhol beats while shaking your booty on the Bollywood music. This dance form burns 500 calories in 60 minutes. It helps tone your shoulders, arms, bust and back as it involves mainly the upper part of your body.

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3. Tap Dance
As the name suggests, this dance involves hopping and jumping to create tap sounds using your heels. This style not only burns your calories but also helps to strengthen the bones. Tap dance keeps your joints healthy and it also helps you burn 35o calories per hour.

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4. Ballet
This is rather the toughest form of dance. But I personally, find it the most engaging and beautiful. This dance form teaches you one thing- body control. It also teaches you how to perform your day to day work gracefully. It works very well on your upper and lowers back along with your belly. So if you want a flat belly, this dance will help you a great deal. It will help you burn more than 400 calories per hour.

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