Everyone dreams to have a perfectly toned figure for which they indulge in various activities and even hit the gym. There are also some people who also make major changes in their diet to lose an extra kilo. Still, there are some people who are not able to achieve their desired fitness goals. So, what about trying some unusual stuff? In this article, we have shared some unusual ways to lose weight that are effective.

Have a look!

1. Smell some vanilla

Smell some vanillaImage Source:  i2.wp

Have you ever noticed that the aroma of food can make you feel hungry and you just want to grab a bite? But it can also work opposite too. According to the study of researchers at St George Hospital smelling vanilla reduces dessert cravings. And during the study, it was found that participants who wore vanilla patches lost more weight as compared to the ones who wore the lemon patch. This clearly states that smell of vanilla controls your sweet cravings thereby reducing the chances of overeating sweets.

2. Add some color in your diet

Add some color in your dietImage Source:  modernhoney

Researchers at the Food & Brand Lab, Cornell University found that there is a relation between your food consumption and color of the plate. According to the researchers, it creates an optical illusion because of the color contrast which is known as a Delboeuf illusion. It is said that reducing the color contrast between the dinnerware its background helps in reducing the chances of over- serving by 10 percent.

3. Eat spicy food

Eat spicy foodImage Source:  livestrongcdn

Forget about the boring diet as it’s time to add some spice to your life. There are some certain spices like red chili pepper, ginger, black pepper that can help in raising the metabolic rate by increasing the normal body temperature thereby reducing calories. And if you ate too much of spice that you can’t handle then try having some sugar.

4. Change your eating partner

Change your eating partnerImage Source:  microfilenetwork

Your family and friends could be the reason for your weight gain. According to the study published by The New England Journal of Medicine, your body is affected because of your friends and family. It is found that if your family member or friend is overweight then you are more likely to put on weight. So, it is time to find new eating partners.

5. Keep serving dishes in the kitchen

Keep serving dishes in the kitchenImage Source: blogspot

If you have a habit of eating with serving bowls on the table then you are more likely to keep serving yourself. And if you leave them the kitchen, you won’t be getting up to serve yourself. In this way, you control your diet portions. And if the food is out of your sight then there are chances that you may have fewer cravings.

So, these were some unusual ways to lose weight.


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