Many people believe that we can know a lot about someone’s personality by the way he/she talks or the way he/she walks. But do you know that we can decode someone’s personality just by looking at their feet? I guess no!

So here are few things which our feet tell us. Have a look.

1. Wide Feet
If you have wider feet then this means you’re a hard working person who is always ready to take upon new ventures in life.

Feet Tell About Your Personality1

2. Narrow Feet
While the narrow foot represents that you prefer to pass on the work to others. You like to enjoy little things in life.

Feet Tell About Your Personality2

3. Flat Feet
This means that you’re a realist. And you enjoy other people’s company a lot. You’re a social person.

Feet Tell About Your Personality3

4. High Arches
You like to be independent. You are intellectual and have big dreams in your life.

Feet Tell About Your Personality4

5. Big Feet
You’re an excellent leader. You’re able to overcome all the obstacles with great efficiency.

Feet Tell About Your Personality5

6. Small Feet
You’re a mature person but you’re more prone to get jealous with the success of others.

Feet Tell About Your Personality6

7. Long Big Toe
You’re good at doing business and making money.

Feet Tell About Your Personality7

8. Long Second Toe
You’re a bit opinionated but have great leadership qualities.

Feet Tell About Your Personality8

9. All Toes Neatly In Line
You’re pretty methodical, precise and super practical

Feet Tell About Your Personality9

10. One Toe Squeezed Under Another
You find it really hard to trust people and let people go.

Feet Tell About Your Personality10

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