Our lives are becoming no less hectic than an F1 race track. Gone are the days when women used to sit back at home to look after the family. Nowadays, even the women folks of the family have to contribute to the financial support system of the family. They get little or no time to take care of their health. So here is a simplest of all the tricks to stay healthy without doing much.

Banana is the panacea for all types of body ailments. Eat 2 bananas daily and you will see the difference in the energy levels of your body. Before that, read how eating 2 bananas can be a boon for your health.

1. High Fibre Content
Bananas are rich in fibre content. It enhances your digestion and keeps constipation and other bowel related disorders at bay. The right amount of fibre in the body can also eliminate the unnecessary fatigue in your body.

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2. Boosts Energy Levels
For the women who complain about feeling lethargic all the time, banana is the one stop solution. Eating 2 bananas daily will impart the much-needed energy to your body.

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3. Healthy Heart
The fibre content in the bananas reduces the bad cholesterol in your body. Balanced levels of cholesterol mean a healthy heart.

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4. Helpful post-delivery
If you’re expecting, then you should definitely eat two bananas in a day. The folic acid in bananas is very essential for expecting mothers. This helps in the healthy development of the foetus.

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5. Powerhouse of Energy
The vitamins and minerals found in banana like magnesium, potassium, folate, riboflavin, niacin, etc. are essential for a woman to stay fit.

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6. Cures Anaemia
Anaemia is caused by a deficiency of blood in the body. And this disorder is common to be found in women. Banana can fight the deficiency of blood in women’s body.

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7. Regulates Blood Circulation
After 40 years, women often experience fluctuating blood pressure. eating two bananas per day can regulate your blood pressure to a great deal.

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8. Boosts Mental Power
Eating banana also boosts memory and concentration power. If you’re much into mental work, then you should eat 2 bananas daily.

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