Chewing gum is something that we all love since our childhood and there are many facts regarding it that we warned about. And one of these warnings include never swallow chewing gum. Normally, we think that it will get stuck inside our stomach but there are dangerous effect of swallowing chewing gum on our health.

Before talking about its effects let know what actually chewing gum contain.

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It basically consists of sweeteners, fats, wax, base colors, emulsifiers, elastomers and fragrances.

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How liver helps in minimising the effect of swallowed chewing gum?

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The liver is very helpful in removing the harmful compounds from the body before any allergy occurs within your body as it contains preservatives and colors that are additives.

What happens in the stomach after consuming chewing gum?

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When the chewing gum reaches your stomach, all the ingredients used in the gum are separated by the hydro chloric acid present in the stomach. These ingredients are generally sugar, peppermint oil, and other flavouring agents.

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And when it reaches the intestines

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And when it finally reaches to your intestine it will be discharged from your body. But it would take 25-26 hours to remove chewing gum from your body.

What happens, if it is not eliminated in a day?

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If your body does not eliminate the chewing gum then it can lead to rising in the body temperature and it can also raise your blood pressure. So, if you notice one of these signs consult your doctor ASAP.

Other symptoms that you can witness

The other signs include nausea, vomiting and Diarrhoea which indicate that your body is trying to flush out the gum. Some people also suffer from itching sensations and rashes. The chewing gum contains various compounds that have an allergic reaction on the body. So, it is better to consult the doctor if you are not able to cope up with the reactions.

So, this was the few information that one should know about the effects of swallowing the chewing gum.

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