Hariyali Teej is very famous among women especially in northern parts of Indian and it is celebrated Tritiya (3rd day) of the Shukla Paksha in the Sawan month every year.

On Hariyali Teej, women wear Solah Shringar and get ready for their husbands. Mehendi is one of the gorgeous looking things to do in Solah Shrigar.

Here we will discuss the importance of mehendi on Hariyali Teej:

1- Solah Shringar

Solah ShringarImage Source: ytimg

Mehendi is one of the solah shringar. On Hariyali Teej, women love to wear Solah Shringar to look even more beautiful. As per Hindu mythology, women get ready and wish for her husband’s long life. And because mehendi is considered as one of the Solah Shringar, women make mehendi tattoos on her arms and feet.

2- Mehendi with medicinal properties

Mehendi with medicinal propertiesImage Source: ytimg

It is believed that mehendi has medicinal properties. Because of it, it’s a good choice to use mehendi in monsoon seasons.

It can fight against bacteria and viruses and protect from cold and other sicknesses.

3- Mehendi and the festivities

Mehendi and the festivitiesImage Source: wikimedia

Women usually organize a ceremony sort of, for applying mehendi. They get together and share their joy and happiness with others. For making mehendi tattoos on their arms and feet they organize the mehendi ceremony.

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4- Mythology on Mehendi

Mythology on MehendiImage Source: ytimg

As per mythology, people say that once goddess Parvati wanted to please her husband, Lord Shiva. So, she just applied mehendi on her arms and feet. When Lord Shiva saw her, he got attracted towards goddess Parvati. That’s why women use to make mehendi tattoos on their arms and feet to attract their husbands towards them.

5- Symbol of good luck

Symbol of good luckImage Source: wp

Using mehendi on Hariyali Teej is considered as a symbol of fertility. And people say, it brings good luck too for the couples.

6- Myth related to Mehendi

Myth related to MehendiImage Source: wp

There are many stories behind applying Mehendi on Hariyali Teej. All the mythological stories show mehendi as a symbol of happiness. It is said that the darker mehendi symbolizes more love of the husband for his wife.

It is also said that the color of Mehendi shows the relation of women with their mother-in-law. The darker color means the happier and understanding relation is there between them. It is also a story that the color of mehendi lasts for a long time, it shows that the long love life of a couple. So, they would live happily ever after.

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