With winters arriving, along with your skin your hair too need extra attention. If you want your hair to stay hydrated and lustrous throughout the chilly winters, then you need to follow some essential winter haircare tips. You will be surprised to see the difference these small tips can make to the appearance of your hair.


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1. Do not wear woollen hats directly onto your hair- When you wear woollen caps you are making your delicate hair come in direct contact with the harsh woollen material. With the constant rubbing against the harsh wool creates friction and leads to hair breakage, frizziness, etc. To prevent it from happening you should always wear a scarf beneath the cap or hat that you are wearing.

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2. Don’t brush wet hair- Naturally air drying your hair in winters can be a task in itself. Your hair takes a much longer time to dry up during winters, thus you should make sure that you are brushing your hair only when they are completely dry. Brushing wet hair can lead to breakage and damaged hair. If you are jiffy and need to brush your hair, then use a detangler or hair serum to loosen up the knots and then brush your hair.

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3. Do not go out with wet hair- If you live in a place which gets very cold during the winters, then make sure not to head out of the house when your hair is wet. Not only you are at the risk of catching a cold but it can also lead to damaged cuticles. Thus, make sure that when you head out of the house your hair is completely dry.

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4. Try to keep your hair tied up- The cold wind and dry wind during the winters can draw moisture from your hair making them dry and frizzy. Also, the constant friction amongst the hair strands can make the situation even worse.

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5. Do not shampoo too often- Washing your hair too often can strip your hair and scalp of the natural oils making them dry and lifeless. If you have normal to oily scalp washing your hair twice a week is enough. Even for people with dry scalp washing their hair two times a week is fine. Just make sure to oil your hair before washing them to avoid dryness.

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6. Avoid using hot tools- Your hair is anyways too dry during the winters and over that if you decide to use hot tools then you are causing some serious damage to your hair. Blow dryers, hair straighteners, curling rods, etc. should be restricted to summers. Look out for the heatless options with which you can obtain similar results. But on days when you can’t really help and have to use the hot tools, then turn it down to the minimum heat setting and then use it.

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