Stepping out of the house without applying make-up is the most dreadful thing for me and so I never leave house without putting some. And what about you? I have seen many ladies who have same amount of love for their vanity box. And this gave me a thought on what if we did not have make-up? Oh this is so scary? But what if it actually happens? And that is what compelled me to write an article on some pros and cons of wearing make-up or not wearing make-up! Even if it is not going to happen, you can have fun reading it!

Why Make-up is the necessity for all of us?

  • The first and the most obvious is because it makes us look better than we actually are, right? And so leaving house without some is never an option for those who love make-up.
  • It makes us feel sexy, yes it does! Forgot those night parties where boys came following you because of your smart and hot looks? Yes this is why it allows us to look fabulous
  • Helps us alter our looks accordingly, like when we want to attend a party then we can play with bold colours and when we have office, subtle choices are always there.
  • There are lot many choices and colours to play with and trust me, applying make-up and then seeing your looks changed instantly is simply fun!
  • This is how many of you have captured the hearts of your BF’s; yeah I know this is true! And make-up does help us build a good first impression

I know all those who do not apply would be cursing me, worry not here are some pointers on what if it wasn’t there?

  • We would be maintaining our natural looks as much as possible.
  • Sometimes make-up does not suit you and the way you look naturally would matter more.
  • It would definitely help us keep our skin healthier from all the harmful cosmetics.
  • There would be no more fashion faux-pas and no more terrible make-up mistakes.
  • You could have saved tones of money, yes this one I love more!
  • Save time and bless your poor BF who keeps on waiting for you downstairs hoping to see you soon

See every coin has two sides and do share your views on what you think about this!

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