Women are said to be the most beautiful creatures made by God, and being the one, I have always admired the fact. Those childhood plays, cuddling with mom’s make-up box and applying each and everything that comes your way (in a hope to look as beautiful as mum) used to be the favourite past-time.  A lady can never feel tired of looking herself into the mirror again and again and this is because of her never ending desire of looking gorgeous.When I saw the Mia ad on TV, I couldn’t resist visiting their website co to check out all the designs. When I got to know about the contest Tanishq (Mia) is conducting, I too thought of jumping into the bandwagon.

When I heard about the contest Tanishq (Mia) is conducting, I too thought of jumping into the bandwagon. The idea that they have come up with is simply awesome as it connects to beauty and to a woman.

Though there are few people in my life whom I take inspiration from, my mom wins the race (my heart too). The kind of lady she is – I mean there is nothing that seems impossible to her (I know every single mom of this world is superb, but yes I love mine the most as ‘I’ belong to her). She has brought up her kids with values (thanks to her that I am so humble and polite) and she has never let anyone down in her family. She used to be the favourite bahu (daughter-in-law) of my grandma. She has been doing what all moms in this world are supposed to, but what inspired me the most in her was her passion for life, her sacrifices and the way she has always stoop up to protect her family and children.

Despite of all what she has suffered, she has never complained, her belief in God is so strong that even now she says that he (almighty) will make everything fine (even when in her heart she knows that we have lost the battle). She seldom gets disappointed and this is why I think she deserves the crown.

With a smile always resting on her face, she, despite of all the difficulties, never fail to look and feel beautiful. Not only she handles everything in house with utmost care and love, she always presents herself beautiful and strong in the society out there. The credit also goes to her kitchen beauty secrets and home remedies, which she applies every now and then to groom herself. Cheers to her beauty and her dedication.

So, to me, my maa is the real MIA Woman who is as beautiful as she works and I pray to God that she ever remains the same, love you maa! 🙂

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