1. Set practical goals


This is a very natural initiative for anyone who wants to work on a new self-care routine, but it’s really important for all those integrating a healthy and fit routine into a work-from-home schedule. Since your usual routine is changing upside down, it’s important to form a transparent outline of what you’d wish to accomplish.

Are you trying to lose weight? Or Bulk up? Or Train for a marathon? Or reduce for a wedding?

Pinning down where you’d wish to excel is the main key to charting a productive course and staying on your goal. To try this, consider your goals and obstacles which might come in between working out from home.

• What is your actual goal? (I.e. weight-loss, strength-training, mindfulness)
• What are your obstacles at home? (I.e. distractions, snacking, lack of discipline)

Answering the above queries will assist you in giving an actionable set of goals and to make an overview for mitigating the obstacles which are likely to arise. This way, you’ll have the simplest chance of staying on target and achieving the goals you set for yourself.

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