Yoghurt is a very nutritious food which is made by bacterial fermentation of milk. It came into existence hundred years ago from now. It is also known for reducing the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease and helps in weight management.

Yoghurt is a very rich source of calcium, Vitamin B and other certain minerals that keep your bones strong and also helps in maintaining metabolism and blood pressure. It has uncountable benefits and therefore one should consume it daily or once in a week.

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Here is the list of few benefits of consuming yoghurt:

1. Helps in digestion

Helps in digestionImage Source: huffpost

If you frequently suffer from digestion problems then you should get rid of the toxins that are present in your food by consuming yoghurt. It will not only help in digestion but will also help in maintaining your metabolism.

2. Improves bone health

Improves bone healthImage Source: amazonaws

Yoghurt has rich content of calcium in it which is really good for your bone health. So, try to consume it daily or once in a week.

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3. Helps in weight management

Helps in weight managementImage Source: raowellness

Yoghurt contains bacteria which is very helpful in digestion and also helps in reviving metabolism. Hence, it helps in weight loss.

4. Lowers cholesterol

Lowers cholesterolImage Source: amazonaws

Most of the people face high cholesterol because of consuming fried food and sweets. To lower the cholesterol level, try to consume yoghurt on regular basis.

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5. Boosts immune

Boosts immuneImage Source: intentionalwellnessinc

According to a research, people who consume yoghurt are stronger and less prone to diseases because it contains natural boosting properties that improve the immune system.

6. Maintains blood pressure levels

Maintains blood pressure levelsImage Source: doctormurray

Consuming yoghurt regularly can help in reducing the blood pressure levels. It helps in flushing the sodium which later lowers the blood pressure level.

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7. Prevents cavities

Prevents cavitiesImage Source: co

Yes, you heard it right. Consuming yoghurt can prevent cavities because the lactic acid present in it protects your teeth and gums.

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