Sharing is caring! We always acknowledge the value of this virtue. But today we’re going to advise you to not to share some things with your friends. In terms of your beauty products, you have to be mean. You should strictly say no to your friend when she asks for any of these products.

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Sharing beauty products can be very harmful. More than you think! It can cause serious skin problems to you and your friend as well. So it is better to carry your own beauty products with you. Sharing beauty products is utter unhygienic.

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1. Any Product That Comes in a Jar
Any product like a cream, gel, lip balm or serum that comes in a jar requires dipping your fingers in it to get the product. If too many people are using the product, then there are chances of transferring bacteria from fingers. This can cause you skin problems and the product can go stale sooner than it should.

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2. Mascara
Though mascara is applied on the lashes. But sometimes the wand touches our eyes as well. In case you or your friend or you are suffering from an eye infection, then this can be spread to the other person as well. Eyes can’t protect themselves. So you should be very particular about your eye makeup products.

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3. Lip Gloss or Lipstick
There is an obvious reason why I’m asking you not to share your lip makeup products with your friend. Lips are constantly licked by us. No matter how much we refrain. Sharing a lipstick can cause the bacteria of someone else’s lips get to your lipstick. The Same rule applies to your lip gloss and lip balm. Lip products are utterly personal. They shouldn’t be shared.

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4. Makeup Brushes
Do you know sharing your makeup brushes can cause acne? If you’ve been sharing your makeup brushes too often and have started breaking out recently, then you stop it immediately. It can cause further contamination of the acne prone skin and cause serious skin infection.

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5. Razors and Tweezers
Needless to say why you shouldn’t use anyone else’s razor and tweezer. Razors can accidentally cut you and cause infection. So these things shouldn’t every be shared at any cost. Razors are utterly personal. They weren’t and aren’t meant to be shared.

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6. Kajal Pencil
It is very common among friends and siblings to share their kajal pencil. But for the sake of hygiene, you have to keep your love aside. Never share your kajal pencil with anyone. When we apply kajal, it touches our water line and some of the fluids of our eyes are drawn to the kajal tip. This can a severe infection in the eyes of the other person who uses it.

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