Losing weight has become a primary agenda for many women these days. Overweight issues have become so common these days, that people have started starving themselves to shed some kilos. Skipping breakfast is the most trending practice. Either it’s for the weight loss purpose or the lack of time, multitudes are there who start their day with a glass of milk or juice. To all those people who practice this, you’re utterly wrong. Read on to know why I’m saying so…

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Why We Have Breakfast?

Well to be precisely clear, breakfast itself means: Break the fast. When you’re sleeping, you’re fasting for 8-10 hours straight. Our brain needs calories to function properly. So, breakfast is required for our brain to get the kick-start for the day. Your breakfast should contain food rich in glucose to start your day.

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Why Do You Skip Breakfast?

Here are some reasons due to which you might be skipping breakfast…

1. Lack of Time
This is one of the major reasons why people skip breakfast. Most of the time in the morning is spent hurrying up to the college or work. So, there’s no time for breakfast.

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2. Lack of Appetite
Most of the people don’t feel hungry early in the morning so they skip breakfast.

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3. Same Old Breakfast
People get bored by eating the same old cereals for breakfast. So, they start flinching away from breakfast.

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4. Weight Loss
Many believe that skipping breakfast might cause them to lose breakfast. But the fact is otherwise.

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Physical Benefits of Having Breakfast

1. Having a well-balanced breakfast rich in protein, carbohydrates, fibre and minerals can control your weight gain in a better way.

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2. Having breakfast timely can boost your body metabolic rate and you won’t feel lethargic through the day.

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3. You are less prone to diabetes, cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases if you have a healthy breakfast daily.

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Mental Benefits of Having Breakfast

1. It boosts your concentrating power and your gut is not starved. Your brain will get enough energy to focus on things.

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2. It helps with getting rid of morning blues that most of the people experience during the weekdays.

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3. Your productivity will be boosted by 2 times when you have breakfast regularly.

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4. Your mind will be sorted. Things and tasks will be clearer to you as your brain will be fresh.

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But having breakfast doesn’t mean that you can have butter laden parathas for breakfast everyday. Have a balanced breakfast rich in protein, minerals, carbohydrates and fibre. Have a glass of juice along with it to boost your mind and body with ample antioxidants.

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So, listen to your mother’s call for breakfast and make it your priority.

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