Every woman has a different sense and style of makeup and that depends a lot on her personality. But one makeup product that speaks out loud about your personality is your lip color. This may not make sense at first to you because you will think that, “what if I love a particular lip color more than others?” Whereas in reality, it is your personality which makes you deviate towards that particular color and makes you pick it over others. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself and you’ll surely be able to relate.

1. Red lipstick- If red is your color when asked to pick your most loved lipstick shade then you belong to the bold, confident and extrovert class of girls. Pulling a color like red is not the cup of tea of every girl since it is extremely bold and draws immediate attention of everyone towards you. Red is the color of passion, sensuality, ambition, confidence and energy; when you wear red lips all these things exude from your personality.

You are also a go getter, very creative in your thoughts and daring in actions. You love to go out and socialize with new people. You are very particular about your health and love to go to the gym. But do remember that red color also attracts negativity so be cautious about it as well.

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2. Pink lipstick- As compared to red, pink is more of a girlish color. It is vibrant but in a subdued way. Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability. If you love pink lipstick, then you are more likely to be a girl who loves to talk to people even if they are total strangers to you. You are very affectionate towards people you love as well as very kind towards people you don’t even know. But pink also depicts authority. As we say pink is about sugar, spice and all things nice.

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3. Plum lipstick- If you are more of a plum girl then you probably are an independent and a self-sufficient girl, or I should say, woman. You are past that girly-girl phase and living your womanhood on your own terms. You are content in yourself and don’t need to go out on every weekend in order to feel better and have a ‘life’. Your focus is mainly on making your future a better one and not in updating pictures of your coffee, salad and hair every 15 minutes.

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4. Nude lipstick- Girls who swear by nude lipsticks are neither extroverts nor introverts; they are somewhere in the middle. They are easy going and down to earth. They get along with people very well and make everyone feel comfortable in their company. They want people to notice that they are wearing a lipstick but they also want to keep it very light and less noticeable. Men also feel a sense of connectivity and confidence with them because men too in general don appreciate a very loud lip color.

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5. Orange lipstick- If you are a girl whose favourite lip color is orange then you are a very warm person. You want to keep it bright and visible but nothing too dramatic or over the top. The orange color depicts fire, sun, fun and warmth; your personality depicts all of that.

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