We all love to shop but all have different taste when it comes to buying dresses. Do you know why that is? The reason could be your sun sign. Yes your sun-sign do depict your shopping style and so today we will talk about what does your zodiac tells and how does that reflect your personality! Find out what is your style and have fun!

This is what you need to know and next time when you go out for shopping, don’t forget these things…

Aries – You love simplicity and thus your wardrobe constitutes of all normal clothes that suit you the most. Though they are normal yet they are not behind in creating an elegant style statement. Mind that, when their job demands them to be, they can don bold avatar as well. So what do you have to say about this?

Taurus You have lots of interesting and fun clothes and you know how to communicate with the help of clothes. You love funky and stylish outfits and thus seek attention.

Cancer Chic and classy is what that defines you the best, right gals? You love something well defined & proper and you don’t embrace any rubbish stuff.

Leo High class and opulent wear is what defines you better! You always dress to kill and thus are a sexy diva to be around. Just maintain the hotness and keep on killing as many hearts as you can! Enjoy the drill! 😛

Virgo Feminine and extremely fashion conscious, and you know how to keep a tab on latest fashion and win hearts! You are darling, I must say that!

Libra You love matching stuffs along with your clothes and thus is a matching freak! You know what suits you the best and so easily make fashion statement.

Scorpio Ohm such a seductress you are! You love to dress confidently and so you are a free bird. You love experimenting and you know well how to mix colours and how to caste the magical spell.

Capricorn You strike a right balance between what is hot and elegant and thus you look good whenever you want!

Aquarius You are never dull and boring and you love playing with variety of clothes so keep up the good work.

Pisces You love comfy clothes but also prefer sophistication. So be that way and enjoy amazing benefits!

These were some qualities that you all must know! So did you enjoy? Waiting for your replies!

Cloth Beauty