Acne Triggers That You Are Not Aware Of


Acne is one of the most disturbing skin issues which not only affects your physical appearance but can also lower your self-esteem to a great extent. In certain cases, it may get really difficult to treat the acne even for a dermatologist. The best way to treat acne is by finding out the trigger which is leading to acne. Once you know the trigger, it can be eliminated or corrected and with that, your acne too clears up.

Today we are going to throw light on some of the common triggers which may lead to acne.

1. Using too many products- The market is flooded with lots of skincare products. Creams, lotions, gels and serums, you have a wide variety to choose from. But that does not mean that you have to pile your face with all the products you can get your hands on. The best way to get a healthy skin is to use a limited amount of products which are meant for your skin type. Putting too many products on your face clog the pores and makes it difficult for the skin to breathe, which then leads to acne and breakouts.

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2. Stress- Stress is the culprit behind a lot of health related issues in general and acne is no exception. There is a whole lot of science behind all this. When you are stressed, the body release cortisol (stress hormone) and androgens which act as acne stimulators. Also, there are people who genetic predisposition which means they are genetically more likely to develop this problem. If you are dealing with depression and anxiety, then also you are more susceptible to this problem.

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3. Pick the right cleanser- Cleansers are meant to clean your face and wash away all the dirt and impurities from it. But sometimes your cleanser might be the reason behind your acne. Some facial cleansers may have a very high alkaline level which is not good for your skin and leads to breakouts. Dermatologists suggest using a pH balanced facial cleanser to wash your face followed by a toner in order to maintain a healthy, acne-free skin. Sometimes cleanser residue may also be the reason behind your acne so make sure to wash off your cleanser really well.

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4. Free radicals- Free radicals may damage your skin to a great extent and may cause skin inflammation and acne. The best way to fight free radicals is through antioxidants. You can either consume antioxidant rich food items or you can also use topical products which are antioxidant rich. Though antioxidants don’t really help with the acne but they have vitamins like beta carotene which protect the skin from the sun damage as well as normalise the free oxygen radicals.

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5. Dairy- A lot of people who have acne are not even aware of the fact that dairy is the main reason behind their acne. Dairy products are found to stimulate the oil production which then leads to acne. People for those dairy acts as an acne trigger, as less as 500 ml milk may also lead to breakouts. Dairy products contain hormones which can trigger acne breakouts.

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