Oriflame Triple Core Lipstick Review


Product Claims… Oriflame presents a triple core lipstick with a long lasting effect and sexy look. This company claims that they are first one to come out with this triple core lipstick which has a nice balm, sexy color and appealing gloss. The colors of this range are very outstanding. There are many shades available. The lipstick is highly easy to use and glides on the lips very smoothly. Price Comparison… The price of this lipstick is around Rs.398 but, since I bought it in introductory offer so, I got it for 259 bucks. Do you really think that this much amount is out of the reach of my budget?? C’mon girls…it’s the question of your lips. you just cannot compromise with the sexiest part of your body, lips. My Experience…. I have been using this product since two months and I love it like anything. I mean it’s the complete package for the lips. it has the color, the gloss and the balm effect to protect the lips. it does not give a high shimmer look and make you look cheap and weird. It actually gives a very classy and decent look to your lips and your personality. I usually apply 2 to 3 Coates of the lipstick. It does moisturize my lips and keep them hydrated. It’s the smell of this lipstick which is going to stop me from buying another pack of this. The smell is really very strong and a turn off. Photos and Swatches….  

What I like about this product….

  • The lipstick is Quite moisturizing
  • It has a very Good color range.
  • The lipstick’s shimmer particles in that gloss part are very fine and non-gritty.
  • It comes off easily with a nice make up remover.
  • The Packaging of this lipstick is little sturdy and very classy.
  • It has a very Low staying power as it fades away completely maximum within 2 hrs.
  • The worst part is that it has a Very strong and disgusting cherry flavored cough syrup kind of smell which is a great turn off for me.
  • This lipstick has the ability to settle in those fine lines if it is layered 2-3 times with no blotting and that it can bleed also.
  • If you see its staying power, the Price is actually very high.
  • It can be Availed only from oriflame consultants or can be ordered online.

What I do not like about this product…. I think, I will not go and buy this lipstick again. No doubt, it’s a nice lipstick but, the smell of it irritates and turns me off like hell. So, no ‘YES’ from my side.

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  1. I’m a very big fan of Oriflame products and till date no products failed for me whichever I tried. I’ve heard positive reviews about this product from my friends so wanted to try this..it would have been good if you had provided some swatches of the product.


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