6 Best Contour Products for Dusky Girls


Beauty trends may come and go very fast but there is one thing which remains the same i.e. contouring. The technique, popularized by Kim Kardashian, involves mapping of the face areas with a contour stick to add definition. But, it seems a bit tricky in case of dusky skin tone because the contour products are available in the shades which are way darker than them. So, to overcome this difficulty, we have listed some best contour products for dusky girls that will help them add definition to their look.

1. NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Stick

NYX Professional Makeup Wonder StickImage Source: ytimg

If you are a person who loves products that work double duty then, you can get yourself NYX wonder stick which has a highlighter on the one end and a contour stick on the other hand. The creamy formulation of this product blends with the skin easily and provides you with a perfect contour look.

Price: 800-900

2. Australis Contour stick

Australis Contour stickImage Source: pixlee
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Want to add a little bit shimmer to your look? Well, then this contour stick is perfect for you as it has little flecks of gold that can add a glow to your dull skin.

Price: 650-700

3. Nicka K Duo Contour

Nicka K Duo ContourImage Source: flixcart

If your skin tone is more caramel then, this product is perfect for you. This product is not only reasonable but can be also used as a bronzer if required.

Price: 400-500

4. Maybelline FIT Me Stick

Maybelline FIT Me StickImage Source: everinmay

It is basically a foundation stick but, it also works for contour. This product has a gel-like texture which has oil absorbing properties that can help you get that perfect matte finish.

Price: 500-600

5. Freedom Makeup London Professional Contour

 Freedom Makeup London Professional ContourImage Source: ebayimg
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This product is lightweight and is available in pressed powder form which helps you get a soft contour finish. Just take some product on the makeup brush and sweep all over your nose and cheekbones.

Price: 500-800

6. L.A Girl Highlight Pro Contour Cream

L.A Girl Highlight Pro Contour CreamImage Source: makeupandbeauty

This product is basically a perfect combination of cream and powder duo of contour and highlighter that can add an instant glow to your dull face.

Price: 600-800

So, these were the few best contour products for dusky girls.

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