How to Reduce Breast Size – Best 7 Ways!


Large breasts usually are considered an asset! So beauties I would first tell you that don’t shy away – just flaunt your assets the right way. Beauty is a strange thing – it is in your thoughts and being beautiful means you have to think beautiful as well. So, let’s start with accepting our bodies first and then would love to share with you the BEST and ONLY Seven ways of beautifying your bigger bust bodice.

How to decrease Breast- Summary: 

There are many ways to decrease Breast size and we have listed the most effective one for you-

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  1. Cosmetic surgery – The permanent way
  2. Body fat reduction Plan—the Long way
  3. Exercises- The tested way
  4. Food choices- again about fat reduction
  5. Smart Clothing choices—easiest and fastest way
  6. Breast reduction Pills- This is again about fat reduction.
  7. Home remedies for Breast Reduction- The natural way.

Now that you know all the 7 Best ways, I would like to give you a detailed study of all these and would guide you through all the pros and cons of the same.

But before we go further I would definitely love to share with you the actual construction of your breasts so that you know what you are dealing with and how effectively you can use all these methods.

Knowing your Breast-

Scientifically your breasts are made of three main components; Adipose tissue –is what we call fatty tissue and second is glandular tissue the part of the breast that helps in lactation and feeding your babies, third part is connective tissue part which binds all the components together.

So once you know what your breast comprises of you would understand there is very less you can do without any medical intervention.

Identifying and Targeting – for Effective Breast Reduction Regime 

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To make it more effective, would suggest identify your problem first, you need to know why your assets are big, this can only be because of:

  1. Genetics
  2. Obesity
  3. Lactation( for lactating mothers)
  4. Hormonal Changes
  5. Drug side effects

You must understand if you are large because of your genes, there is not much you can do without medical intervention. The best is to control your body weight and keep your breast tissue firm to avoid any health hazards. Rest all the other causes can be treated and taken care of with exercises, change in drugs and of course some prescribed medicines. The causes are dealt with in depth here.

Coming back to The 7 best Ways to reduce Breast, if this is due to genetics you only are left with cosmetic surgery for permanent solution:

1. Cosmetic Surgery-

This method is very expensive and has its side effects too, but this is the only permanent solution. Breast reduction is scientifically called as reduction mammaplasty.This reduction surgery is all about removing excess fat tissue from your breast and partly glandular tissue and skin as well to accomplish your desired breast size which is in proportion to your body structure. This also helps in lessening the discomfort linked with overly large breasts.

Breast surgery involves its risks as well – the incisions, the chances of getting infected and mostly not being able to breast feed your baby after surgery. These all are irreversible impacts and you must think about them before going for surgery.

2. Body Fat Reduction Plan:

Body fat reduction plan consists of three phases- food plan , exercise to reduce body fat and then striking the balance between both – your diet and exercise pattern.

Now, you must be wondering how body fat reduction can help me in reducing breast size – this will be taken care when you know that your breast consists of mainly fat tissue and reduction in body fat will result in automatic size reduction of breasts.

This is quite an effective method but this will not help ladies who have:

  • Big breasts because they are genetically big.
  • Big bust size and the breast is less of fat and more of glandular tissue – thus this may help some and may not prove too effective for others.

3. Exercises- Reduce Breast At Home, The Tested Way:

Exercising is always good and this makes your body firm and devoid of flab. You must be aware that there are various chest exercises which help you get a firmer thus a smaller in comparison bust.

The best exercises are cardio exercises like running, jogging and cycling.

 Apart from cardiovascular training when you are planning to reduce breast size you must add definite strength training exercises too to your fitness regime, as this helps in building and toning of your pectoral muscles that is chest muscles and firms the breast tissue as well.

Bench press and pushups are best for your breast muscles and they are simple as well you can do it twice a week in gym or at home as well. The only thing you need to be careful about is the weights you carry, do not go for heavy weight as this will only lead to building up your muscles and makes you look broader and heavier.

  For you we have listed down some best exercises that will help you Reduce breast eventually. For detailed study of these exercises click the links:

  • Pushups
  • Dips
  • Barbell Bench Press
  • Pec Deck Butterflys
  • Decline Dumbbell Flyes

With all this you must take care of your diet too – eat healthy and apt food , do not go for crash diet as it may lead to weakness as you have taken up a exercise plan and you need to take some calories to burn them. 

4. Food Choices- Fat Reduction to Reduce breasts:

Big size Breasts although attract a lot of attention- they may cause you embarrassment sometimes too so to avoid physical and mental pain from your big bust you must stick to some given food choices:

  1. Fruits – Fruit diet is what is always recommended, a bowl full of fruits that are rich in nutrients and water content should be your first preference. Fruits contain antioxidants that help you reduce weight and remain healthy. This will help you maintain your body fat proportion and thus a natural way to reduce breast fat.
  2. Vegetables- Having lot of vegetables is also recommended as like fruits Vegetables are also good source of nutrients and antioxidants that keep you metabolically active. Being active means you will not tend to put on weight and managing weight is the key to your over grown bust. Veggies like Spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower etc. that have no starch are best.
  3. Fish- best protein source- For your daily protein source you must rely on fish only this is the lowest calorie protein source. This will help your muscles in getting healthier and toned. Fats are minimal in fish. Fishes like Tuna, trout &salmon are best to use.
  4. Nuts- nuts are also source of energy and necessary antioxidants and nutrients which are necessary for a female body to cope up with everything. Best nuts that you must include in your diet are walnut, almond and Brazilian nuts along with macadamia nuts that are neither salted nor coated with sugar. The intake of nuts helps you maintain healthy metabolism again the key to weight management.

The food management is an important part. If you have a healthy diet you tend to manage weight and have less body fat which leads to automatic and natural reduction of breast. This regime if combines with exercise works best.

5. Smart Clothing Choices—Easiest and Fastest Way:

Bigger Bust attracts lot of attention from your counter parts and sometimes you may enjoy the attention but at times you may feel embarrassed too. This problem is very situational and to avoid these situations you must take care of your dressing. Breast reduction through surgery and diet as well as exercises may take you some time to get the desired results but the quickest and the easiest way to Reduce big breast effect is to DRESS RIGHT!

By dressing right we mean wearing clothes that suit your body structure and make your Big Breasts look a little smaller. No dressing reduces size but it can create an illusion so we have to play with it and create illusions for the onlookers or move away their attention from your big Boobs.What you must take care of:

Necklines– You must wear V- necks, sweethearts, front wrap necks, cowl necks that minimize your big breast effect and break the hugeness and deviate attention. Scoop necks and squares with shrugs also remove the unibob effect and make you look smaller at top.

Remember never to wear much plunging necklines that are desperately crying for attention, this makes you look even huger. Wear off shoulders and strappy tops only if you are confident enough that you can carry them.

Colours– You must take care of wearing colours as well- to get that minimized effect try choosing dark shade clothes only this will make you look compact and smaller. Light colour clothes make you look wider.

Designs- You must never wear horizontal stripes that create an effect of wideness and this is not good for your big breast. Never wear big floral patterns that emphasize your top areas. Must take care not to wear too tight clothes for this is a disaster that shows off your not very proportionate body assets.

Dresses- Go for dresses with good fall and wrap at from that will make you look slimmer and proportionate. Wear fitted tops not tight ones but just right fit kind so that you show off your good waist line to look slimmer.

Last but not least just try and see what suits you and what makes you look right – choose and love wearing it. Do not forget to try out minimizing Bras that actually help you give a minimized look.

  1. Breast reduction Pills:

The most talked about now a day is the breast reduction through pills. This got lot of attention as this is the easiest way and is considered the permanent one by the marketers. Although these breast reduction pills have no scientific backing but still people use them and have seen some people who actually feel that they experienced good results.

These Breast reduction pills are actually ingredients that target the fat tissue in your breast and reduce it making it firmer and smaller at the same time. Although I would like to think otherwise – I do not think there can be any targeted fat loss program unless it is exercising or going under the knife.

The effectiveness of these Pills is not very much identified yet but would list down some major talked about pills for your reference here:

  • Alexa
  • Trima
  • Femminex
  • Hashmi herbal breast reduction cute B capsules – this one is purely herbal as per the manufacturer.

If you want to try these pills to reduce your breast I would suggest you search and survey first and then go for any pills. After all it is your own body don’t abuse it just be careful!

7. Home Remedies for Breast Reduction- The Natural way:

Having larger breast is considered a mark of beauty as it attracts you counterparts more towards you but huge breasts cause lot of physical trouble and discomfort. Thus since ages women have been fighting for this problem and as always we have solution in our ayurveda for all this – the best remedies that help you reduce your breast size are:

  • Hoelen for breast Reduction- Hoelen is a wild mushroom which is generally found under the roots of Red pine tree. This is a type of fungus and has medicinal value, this herb is used in Breast reduction pills as well as this helps reduce fat and mass of the breast. Pls. do make sure you talk to an expert before using this.
  • Rubia cordifolia (Manjishta)- Rubia cardifolia is generally used in  treating breast enlargement in men. This fruit extracts help maintain the hormonal levels and thus reduce breast in men. This is used in case of women also who have enlarged breasts and have huge estrogen levels. This controls the hormonal levels and reduces breast size along with blood purification.
  • Guarana- Guarana herb is mostly used in South America by women who want to regain their normal breast size after lactation. This medicine is a part of many breast reduction pills but it can be used raw as well. This is generally used in the form of paste. This has tannin and caffeine. This fruit has maximum caffeine more than coffee and is used in the form of drinks too. The increased levels of caffeine increase the metabolic rates thus targeting the adipose tissues of breast and resulting in its reduction.
  • Ginger Root- Although we all know the medicinal value of ginger root, apart from using it for cough and cold we can use it as a very effective weight loss solution. Drinking 10 gms of ginger mixed with water every day helps you reduce weight in good amount and thus it will help you to reduce your breast size as well.
  • Neem & Turmeric-Neem and turmeric solution is also used for women who want to get rid of the inflammations caused by breast feeding or any infections. You need to boil some neem leaves in water and then strain the water, add turmeric and some honey to it and drink the mixture. The usage of this mixture helps you reduce fat as well thus will treat infections as well as the breast enlargement.
  •  Egg& onion- One more herbal way to reduce breasts is to use Egg white and beat it with a little cream, apply it under your breast area and also breasts nicely. Keep it there for 30 minutes and then take juice of one full onion mix it with water and then rinse the cream over the breasts with this water. This is very useful to make the breast firmer and tighter. This will also help in breast reduction. [Click Here to know about How to Tighten Saggy Breasts]
  • Fenugreek Powder- Fenugreek is known for its medicinal use and it very good for getting firm breasts. Take ¼ filled small bowl of fenugreek and add water to it for making a smooth paste. Apply that paste on your breasts as mask and then wash off after 5 minutes. This will help you get firm breasts and make tighten the muscle area to make them look smaller. [ Click Here to know about Best Breast Firming Tips]

The most effective and the best known methods to Reduce Breast Size have been listed for you here, but would love to quote here that the best way to deal with this is to accept your body , keep it healthy , manage weight and also dress up apt – keeping in mind your comfort.

Reducing breast size is no solution for increasing confidence – you need to love yourself for what you are and make others fall in love with you for what you are and not how you look. Take care!

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