Best Facial Tips for All Skin Types!! Try These Facials!!


Before heading to the parlor for monthly beauty rituals, it is essential to know what kind of facial will suit your skin type! Yes ladies, no matter how hard you try…you just cannot deny the fact that you and me, we all love a day of pampering at the salon! Don’t we? And what better way to relaxation than booking an appointment for a much needed facial? It only improves the glow and look of your skin but also take the back backing stress from your shoulders. Although it is important to opt for a facial that will suit your skin type…yes ladies…we have it all…for oily, dry to combination skin!! Curious?? Read on…..

So what’s your skin type?!

1. Normal to Dry Skin!!

 Normal to Dry Skin

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Get a nourishing cream massage if you have a normal to dry skin type. P.S. – If you want a facial at home, moisturizers can be used. Just massage a bit of moisturizer on to your face!! Opt for classic or plant stem facial if you have normal to dry skin!

Classical Facial: it incorporates cleansing, toning and massaging…it can be done with the help of gadgets or manually…end the whole process with protection coverage and mask!! The areas of the neck and face are treated as per need of your skin! Strokes and pressure are applied on different areas of the face. It takes around one hour for completion.

Plant Stem Cell Facial: This facial will revitalize your skin resulting in a younger looking skin! You can try external cosmetic cares as well…this facial incorporates mask, serum, cream, exfoliator and under eye gel. It takes one hour for completion.

2. Normal to Oily Skin!!

Oily Skin

Moisturizers and creams aren’t advised for all the ladies having oily skin! You need deep cleansing, exfoliation, mask, protection and deep cleansing. It will remove all the excess oils rejuvenating the skin! Pearl facial and silver facial help shrinking the pores!

Pearl Facial: it is ideal for the ladies having oily skin! Pearl facial brightens your skin while removing tan…you get refined skin with the deep cleansing step followed by a small facial massage. It takes almost an hour to complete

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Silver Facial: Detoxify and purify your skin with silver facial this monsoon. This type of facial consists of a cream, pack, gel, scrub to nurture the dull, dead skin! Silver facial will help restore the natural glow of the face. It can take almost 40 minutes to 1 hour

3. Combination Skin!!

Combination Skin

You need to carefully treat your skin as your face can be both dry and oily as well. The dry area of your skin is massaged using a cold compressor. You need a rose based skin tonic. Platinum facial or the amazing gem therapy can be used for better results.

Platinum Facial: this facial can totally energize or recharge. It can ensure the strength of the supportive tissue enhancing the cellular levels. It can take up to 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Gem Therapy: it can correct your mental, physical and spiritual imbalances. It can take as long as 1 hour to complete the process.

So now that you know the trick, relax your body and soul with the right type of facial. Have fun!! 🙂

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