Hair Fall in Post Covid Syndrome? Ways to Combat it


There is a lack of clear scientific evidences that Coronavirus is the main cause of hair loss. But many experts think that there are emotional and physical stress factors which are associated with COVID-19, and these couldlead to reversible hair fall called telogen effluvium. When your body is in shock, it goes into a lockdown mode and focuses on only important functions. In this case, hair growth isn’t a priority compared to other functions, so it leads to hair fall.

Ways to manage the hair loss caused due to COVID-19

Say no to stress


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Studies suggested that psychological stressors disturb the hair growth, even if it is short-lived. Stress adversely affects the growth of hair and causes disturbed sleep, and mental and environmental stress. A person can trynumerous stress regulatory techniques such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, and the progressive muscle relaxation. Regular exercise, having a healthy diet and taking quality sleep, plays a major role in plummeting the stress levels.

Take supplements and a nutritious diet


Always take a healthy and a nutritious diet to prevent hair fall after recovering from COVID-19. Include lots of fruits and seasonal vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, capsicum, and oranges in everyday diet. Iron and Vitamin D supplements also help in improving hair health but never take without consultingyour doctor.

Do regular exercise


Daily exercise not only helpsin mobilizing the body, but also contributes towards managing the loss of hair. It keeps the body in motion and reduces the level of stress. A person can try cardio, yoga, and meditation every morning. It will prevent hair fall and keep a person healthy.

Avoid hair styling products


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Hair styling products contain various chemicals. So, use of excess hair styling products triggers hair damage and hair fall. You should always avoid the usage of artificial products to avoidloss of hair. You can also talk to a hair expert about your hair fall problem after recovering from Covid.

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