Best Ways to Prepare Your Skin Before Waxing


Waxing is a popular way of keeping the skin smooth and hairless. Whether you are waxing a smaller area, such as eyebrows and the upper lip or you are doing it on a larger area like back, legs, or chest, you need to prepare your skin to minimize any discomfort and get the best results.

Below given are some tips to prepare your skin for waxing.

1. Gently exfoliate


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You must exfoliate before waxing but avoid doing it just before waxing because this may make your skin sensitive. Always scrub the skin a day before waxing in order to remove the dead skin and achieve smooth waxing.

2. Avoid moisturizing on the day


Moisturizing the skin is good for skin care. However remember that waxing is more difficult in case the skin is greasy. In order to save the skin from growing sensitive after waxing, moisturize a few days before waxing.

3. Ensure hair growth is enough


The hair should have enough growth before waxing. If you don’t have sufficient hair growth, it is more difficult for small hair to grow. So never be in a rush to get waxed. Go for waxing only when you have a fair amount of hair growth.

4. Avoid going out in sun


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The UV rays are harmful for the skin and if the skin is sensitive, waxing just after you have gone out in sun can cause sun burn. So, remain indoors before visiting salons.

5. Know the requirement of waxing


While most people do waxing, some waxes are more suitable for sensitive skin. In case you have tanning or think that the skin is dehydrated, choose a hydrating chocolate wax.

6. Take a break


Some waxing can be sensitive to your skin. Retin-A cream prevents fine lines, pigmentation, and acne but it makes skin susceptible to injury while waxing. Avoid retinol-based products before waxing. The accutane users should stop taking medication fora month before waxing. Before making any changes to prescription medications, always consult your dermatologist.

7. Choose your wax


There are different types of waxes used for different conditions. The main difference is between soft and hard.

The type of wax also depends on the area you are waxing. Hard wax is usually recommended for the face and underarm. Soft wax is generally preferred for larger areas such as arms and legs.

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