Reasons why you should not be drinking excess milk tea


Tea is one of the popular health drinks because it has several benefits when consumed inmoderation. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and contains elements which help you relax, and is loaded with antioxidants as well as blood purifying agents.

Drinking too much milk tea can be dangerous for your health. This article explores some serious side effects of consuming milk tea.

Side effects of milk tea

Milk tea is popular drink in several countries like Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and Cambodia. This has many health benefits, but if overconsumed, this can be harmful for your health. Here are some of the ways milk tea can harm your health.

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1. Causes insomnia


Black tea which is generally used to brew milk tea, is rich in caffeine. When the body has excess caffeine, it can lead to sleep disorders like insomnia.

2. Triggers anxiety


Some teas like chamomile arebest known for their relaxing properties. Drinking excess milk tea might also lead to anxiety. The main reason for this side effect is that tea might activate the brain cells causing relaxation but when you drink too much, this could lead to a mild imbalance in the brain chemicals, causing anxiety.

3. May cause pimples


One of the most common side effects of milk tea is pimples. If taken in moderate quantity, tea can help detoxify your body, but too much tea releases extreme heat and cancause an imbalance in the body chemicals which can cause pimples.

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4. Can cause constipation


Tea contains caffeine which is good for excretory system and helps improve motion flow. This chemical detoxifies the body and improves blood flow. However, when you drink excessive tea, this chemical may cause constipation because it can cause dehydration.

5. Creates blood pressure imbalance


One of the most serious side effects of drinking too much tea is experiencing imbalance in blood pressure. If taken in small quantity, it improves circulation, maintains your heart health, improves brain and nerve function and helps boost the immune system. However, overconsumption of milk tea can significantly increases the heart rate and might be one of the reasons of high blood pressure.

6. Raises the possibilities of miscarriage


Tea is best for your body because it helps in relaxing muscles, soothing your mind, and increasing blood flow. During pregnancy, too much relaxing of muscles and having detoxifying products can lead to miscarriage. Hence, pregnant ladies are advised to monitor tea consumption carefully.

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