Best Ways to Apply Lipstick


In order to achieve the ideal sulk and to further make sure it always stays, remember following these tips and tutorials for the glam look which lasts all throughout the day.

Steps by Steps Tutorial of Applying the Lipstick

Prep the Lips


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This is the first step of applying lipstick. If you don’t want to walk around with a chapped and dry lips. Exfoliate with a damp and soft toothbrush and hydrate it by applying the nutritious lip balm to make lips look supple, soft and healthy-looking. You may also apply a lip primer after making the color stay for longer and preventing it further from bleeding.

Apply the Base


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If a person is worried about any discoloration or a liptone which is uneven, it’s very crucial for the lipstick to generally have a base to further hang onto. This makes sure that lipstick doesn’t sink into the lips. Always Choose a concealer shade which matches the lip color and wipe a little with a small fluffy and flat brush. Apply the compact over this as well to further seal the base. It also helps the lip color to stay for a longer duration of time.

Using a Lip Liner


In order to prevent the lipstick from getting further messy, always use a good lip liner to reshape the contours of the lips. This way a person will achieve a precise and more defined and a polished look.

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Trace the natural lip line from one corner to another with a liner which further compliments the skin tone to prevent feathering or sometimes matching with the lipstick which a person decides to wear. To create the Cupid’s bow more famous, always create an ‘X’ shape on the upper lip, just underneath the Cupid’s bow for the perfect look of the lips.

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