What Is Nail Buffing? How to Do It?


Nail buffing simply means rubbing or polishing your nails with a buffer board also called a nail buffer which is made of fine grit. This leaves a person’s nails looking more shiny and consistent.

How To beige nails at home?


Make sure a person nails are clean and dry – wet nails chip or break easily

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Use a nail polish remover for removing the nail paint traces

Always trim nails to a preferred length

Folder nails in a shape you want which can be square, round, or whatever suits a person.

Get a nail shock absorber, it can either be a buffing board or emery board, and it will have different side textures.

Using the buffer roughest side, buff nails gently, and moves the buffer side-to-side.

Remove the roughness from nails first.

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Take a cotton cloth which is soft to wipe off the extracts

Now take the texture which is a little less rough and repeat the above steps in a gentle motion.

Take the smooth part of the buffer and buff nails till the time they look shiny as if a clear coat is applied.

Wipe the nails with the cotton cloth

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Few Things to take care of about Nail Buffing


Rubbing the thumbnails will further increase the growth of facial hairs, so do not rub thumbs

Do not rub nails during the pregnancy since it leads to high blood pressure and can further cause uterine contractions

Avoid it during the surgical conditions

Avoid it in skin infections case

Avoid it if person nails are brittle

Avoid it if a person is currently suffering, or suffered in the past from hypertension, since it leads to bigger blood pressure

Do not do it overtime, since it can harm the nails

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