5 Foods to Avoid If You Are Diabetic


Diabetes is a chronic condition which is affecting both adults and children from a few years worldwide. Diabetes is characterized by the high blood sugar levels. Consuming many carbohydrates is the leading cause of high blood sugar, which eventually leads to diabetes.

Foods to avoid in diabetes

Following are the 5 foods which should be avoided in diabetes:

1. Refined carbohydrates (Maida, breads, and biscuits)

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Foods which have refined carbohydrates should always be avoided in daily diet routine. These include biscuits and breads made from refined flour. It is helpful for overall health since the refined flour bread consists of carbohydrates.

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2. Frozen foods


Frozen foods contain high starch in them. Starch enhances the texture of the food and keeps it fresh. Starch is a glucose polymer chain which needs to be converted to sugar before digestion. Due to this the increased sugar amount becomes a diabetes risk.

3. Sugar


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Sugary foods increase the insulin levels very rapidly. In order to keep the control of blood sugar levels, it is always recommended to drink too much water and replace the high sugary foods with healthy food options.

4. Fried foods


Fried foods are too high in carbohydrates and it should be avoided by diabetic people who are trying to further lose weight. Deep fried foods increase the risk of disease and can further promote inflammation. Therefore, foods such as pakoras and French fries should be avoided as much as possible.

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5. Juices


Sugary drinks are the most awful beverage choice for a person who is suffering from diabetes. Juices should be avoided by diabetics since they contain much sugar and carbohydrates which can put a person at disease risk. These juices can be replaced with healthier alternatives such as unsweetened iced tea and green tea.

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