Get Rid Of Head Lice Using Olive Oil


Lice plague in humans is a very ancient problem. It is very common amongst the children. Lice infestation happens in a clean scalp as well.

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How an Olive Oil should be used in Lice Removal?

Using the combination of Shampoo and Olive Oil

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What needs to be done?

Wash hair with a clean shampoo for removing product residues remaining in hair. It is an important step as residue might reduce the olive oil effectiveness.

Now apply the olive oil to the scalp and hair. Further dividing hair into sections eases this process.

Now tie hair in the form of a bun and put on the shower cap. Ensure that shower cap’s elastic is tight enough for its secure sitting on head (to prevent the lice from evading).

Now leave shower cap on for 4 to 6 hours.

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Then remove shower cap and comb out the lice with the help of nit removal comb. Then clean the comb with the help of towel paper at regular intervals. Then dispose the paper

Wash and shampoo the hair twice once you are done.

Now divide hair into sections and use the blower and scalp on medium heat. This will help in killing the nits.

Now follow these routines several times a week till hair becomes free from head lice.

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Using the combination of Eucalyptus Oil and Olive Oil


Eucalyptus oil plays a role as an antiseptic. It eliminates head lice along with olive oil.

What needs to be done?

Mix the eucalyptus and olive oil in a bowl.

Now apply the mixture to scalp and hair.

Then tie hair and put the shower cap on and leave it for several hours.

Then remove the shower cap and comb the nits and lice.

Then Wash the hair and shampoo it.

Now follow this routine three times in a week.

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