Worried About Your Summer Hair Fall? One Ingredient Can Stop It


Hair fall occurs any time but the season-specific hair fall is very different hence it needs to be catered in a different way. Many people experience heavy hair fall in summers or when exposed to humid and hot climate.

Ginger being used for the Summer Hair Fall


Ginger is the potent component for hair fall. Ayurveda mentions the ginger as a very useful agent for hair troubles. Applying ginger juice on the hair makes hair shiny and long all over. It prevents the hair fall and further promotes the hair growth since it contains essential minerals.

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Prevents the falling of hair


Ginger stops the hair fall. Ginger is loaded with phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins. In order to use it, grind the fresh ginger and remove its juice. Add 1 teaspoon of almond oil and rub it carefully in the hair roots before leaving to bed at night. Now allow this oil to stay in the hair till the overnight. Now Wash the hair with shampoo. Using this recipe generally 3 times in a week completely stops the hair falling problem.

Ginger being used for dandruff removal


A major reason for hair loss is the dandruff. Dandruff appears to be a much related issue of the hair but it is a skin problem which is being associated with the scalp. Scallions freeze in the scalp due to the dryness which appears in scaly dandruff form.

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Increases the blood circulation

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Massaging and applying the ginger juice to the scalp of the head speeds up the blood flow. Ginger also contains a special compound called gingerol which is proven very effective in plummeting the strain of blood vessels which further helps in increasing the circulation of blood. Better circulation of blood guarantees the better health of hair.

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