Get Rid Of Constipation with These Effective Exercises


Workouts and exercises are beneficial for the body to maintain the physique. Exercises also help in overcoming many health problems. Constipation is a problem which is very ordinary and it needs to be taken seriously.

Exercise and Constipation


Constipation occurs when bowel movement becomes very less frequent and stools become really difficult to pass. Constipation happens due to numerous reasons:

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Stress, Diet, Medications, Hormonal Imbalance, Not pooping when there is a need of, Lack of Exercise and medical condition like IBS

There are several methods which prevent a person from having constipation like eating fibrous food, drinking more water, and going for poops whenever there is a need to. But these conditions are supportive for a longer duration of time and cannot provide instant help.

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How Exercise Helps In Relieving the Constipation?


Exercise stimulates the digestive system since it helps the movement of food through the digestive tract more effectively; it can also make a person stay regular. Exercise relaxes muscles and allows movement of food to pass faster than normal. It not only gives relief in constipation but also cures the chronic constipation till it is very serious.

Exercises followed for Constipation

Cardio Exercises

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It helps in pumping the blood and is the simplest exercise to avoid constipation. It includes cycling, swimming, running, and cardio workout. Cycling and Running are the best options which are feasible for all age groups.

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Practising yoga is a way of keeping a person away from constipation. It is not very compulsory to always perform the difficult postures for constipation or yoga techniques. Yoga gives a rub to the body and further helps in stool movement inside the intestines with much ease. It helps those people involved twisting of stomach muscles.

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