Tips to Use Almond Oil To Remove Makeup


Almond oil has great benefits for skin, health and hair. It is included in many skin care products since it helps the skin in many ways. It is a great antioxidant which helps in reducing the aging signs and the sun damage. Following are the almond oil benefits for the skin.

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Why is Almond Oil being called as the good makeup remover?


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Unlike the other makeup removers almond oil doesn’t contain chemicals which may cause damage to the skin. It is very gentle on skin, and it removes makeup without causing any problems. It can help in increasing fine lines appearance.

Another reason why almond oil is a great makeup remover is because it does not run off an oily residue on your skin. Using the light almond oil makes you feel amazing on skin and it helps in removing the dirt, makeup and other impurities on your face.

If you have dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and mild eczema, using almond oil as a makeup remover is the best option since it will soothe skin and give relief from flaking and itchiness.

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Using almond oil as a makeup remover:


The steps used in removing makeup with the help of almond oil are as follows:

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Take an adequate amount of almond oil on the palm area and massage it gently all over the face, while focusing it on eyes and the area around the eyes. Now moisten the cotton ball with the help of rose water and rub the makeup area very gently.

Use extra oil on the eye area, in the situation where a person is using waterproof mascara.

Now wash off the face with lukewarm water.

You can further add little drops of the almond oil to a tissue or cotton ball and remove the makeup gently if it is working better for you.

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