6 Brilliant Hacks To Make Your Foundation Last Long


Makeup is a thing which needs lot of attention as well as patience. After spending much time we often face a beauty disaster when we notice melting foundation and fading of the foundation quickly which ruins your overall look. But you need not worry as there are simple hacks to solve this problem.

This article highlights the effective ways through which you could make the foundation last longer.

1. Apply moisturizer


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Before starting with the makeup it is important to use moisturizer on the face as the foundation gets deposited on dry spots that may ruin the makeup.

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2. Now apply primer


If you avoid this step, it can be the major reason for your fading foundation. The good quality primer also provides smooth base for the use of foundation. The extra layer helps foundation to keep something for long.

3. Apply the foundation in right way


The next step is to use the foundation in the correct way. Use a puffy brush to apply foundation as it will provide a smooth texture.

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4. Buff some powder


It is advised to use powder after applying the foundation. If you do not have exact match, use a translucent powder in order to get a natural look. Use soft brush and then dust over your T-zone.

5. Splash some face mist


For the long-lasting effect of foundation, apply face mist and makeup setting spray. This face mist on your hand also provides you slightly dewy look.

6. Use primer on face and eyes


Primers are the first cosmetic step for helping the makeup last long. They not only seal the pores, but also make a barrier that helps smooth the surface of the skin for a long time. They can be designed to skin type that help fill the pores, fine lines and also create smooth surface for the foundation to go smoother and last all day. Get an oil-free and water-based primer which will help the foundation from slipping around.

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