Best Tips to Mask Pimples with Makeup


Due to the tiring lifestyles we follow today, it is very easy to develop pimples. Every one may have more than one prompt – be it stress, eating sugary foods , fluctuating hormones, or following an unhealthy diet.

How Pimples can be covered With Makeup


A small amount of color correcting concealer, setting powder and a wipe of foundation, may work wonders to hide the pimple you are having over the face. Let’s look at how makeup can be so beneficial to mask out pimples.

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Before beginning, simply combine the spot-treatment with a very thin foundation layer so that the face does not look cakey. The best thing which can be done for your skin is to keep it negligible.

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What is needed?

1. Primer


Always choose the right primer for the skin type. It’s truly advised to use an oil-free and lightweight primer to keep makeup in place, especially inflamed spots and a concealer. Exposure to the sun slows down the healing process formula to bring the best possible result.

2. Concealer


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Discover a concealer that matches the skin tone of a person. Color correcting also works beautifully for red and angry zits formula to bring the best possible result.

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3. Concealer brush


A soft concealer brush is very important for accurate application and blending the formula to bring the best possible result.

4. Foundation


If a person is acne-prone, it’s advised to use a non-comedogenic foundation which is not full of many chemicals. It does not even interfere with acne medicine to bring the best possible result.

5. Setting powder


Using a mineral powder to make the acne-prone skin healthy and happy and healthy. They also provide less coverage, but they are indeed very less likely to block the pores and cause breakouts to bring the best possible result.

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