5 Excellent Health Benefits of Camphor


Camphor is a common ingredient found in every home. Besides being used for ritual reasons, it is also applied for many health and beauty benefits. Ayurveda has confirmed the amazing use of camphor due to its excellent health benefits. You can control many health issues by using camphor. Let us explore some best uses of camphor.

1. Cures Stomach Pain


If you experience stomach cramp, camphor will come to your instant rescue. Take one glass of clean water and then boil it for some time. Add a teaspoon of carom seed while boiling. After the water decreases to half the volume, stop boiling. Then, take some camphor powder. Now, drink this boiled water. You will get relief quickly.

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2. Relieves Muscle Cramps


If someone has muscle cramps frequently, they must massage the affected regions with some camphor oil. Mix few drops of camphor oil with fresh coconut oil and then massage it on affected regions. You would notice quick relief.

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3. Prevents Itching


Camphor is very effective in relieving the itching as well as skin rashes. Dissolve camphor in coconut oil and then massage it on your irritated skin. It helps soothe the skin irritation quickly.

4. Provide Relief in Burns


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Camphor not only relieves burns but also helps reduce burn marks. Use 5-7 drops of pure camphor oil on burnt skin. It would reduce burning sensation and lower the risk of various infections.

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5. Gives You Healthy Hair


Mix a spoon of camphor in some coconut oil. Now heat the oil and then gently massage it on the scalp. Then, wash your hair after an hour. It will cause irritation and all fungal as well as bacterial infections will be prevented. It also strengthens the hair roots and checks hair fall.

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